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I get asked all the time “What do you do?” so I thought I’d take this opportunity to sum up it up:  I am an Artist/Product/Brand/Event Strategist – which includes branding, strategy, marketing, media, engagement, awareness, expansion, management, creative development and most importantly a means to additional monetization. Got it? 🙂

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My thoughts on Gentlemen at 21 and The Afghan Whigs. ~Rynda

Afghan Whigs - do to the beast_wolf-squareThe Afghan Whigs returned in 2012 to continue the relationship with the dedicated fans who stayed enamored during the band’s long break, which thankfully, was never a break-up. As fans, we have experienced every gut-wrenching lyric, every dark foreboding feeling, and every celebration of the sensuality of life expressed so intensely by an artist that will always be our one true dark love. The Afghan Whigs are known for songs about self-examination, brutal honesty, storytelling, drama, love and sexuality all wrapped into one beautiful ongoing musical relationship.  No one quite grabs the intensity of feeling lyrically like Greg Dulli. Nor is there another person that can transform a cover song into his own unique vision until it’s ghost is still there but it is no longer recognizable simply because it has been infused by his energy.It doesn’t matter where we are in our lives there is an Afghan Whigs song that matches it. We opened Up In It, became a part of the Congregation, cried to Gentlemen, stepped into the light during Black Love and danced a sexy groove to 1965.

Just in time to save us from our adult selves, The Afghan Whigs continued their legacy with the 2014 release of Do To The Beast. Like us they have grown more wise and morphed into the present moment with an album as full of intricacies as our own psyche. Do To The Beast surprises at every listen and sinks deeper and deeper into the corners of the soul, shedding light on things we don’t want to see but won’t dare to turn away from. It is a journey between dark and light with the ever present feeling that Greg Dulli is once again saying out loud what we cannot.


Now, twenty-one years later, like an old flame coming back into our lives, we will see the reissue of Gentlemen.

We remember bits and pieces of the joys of life, the first meeting, the first kiss, the moments when everything seemed perfect. We also remember the feelings that ripped our heart out for the first time, or maybe the second and third time, or maybe just last week. Anyone who has listened to and really heard Gentlemen gets transported back to those moments the second the first note of every song starts. It’s that good, that deep, that moving, that honest. Lyrically expressed like no other, a foreshadowing cover photograph and the music resonating with high emotional frequency, this album is the perfect evocation of the divine chaos and downfall of love. It is not nostalgia that makes us feel this way, this album is now embedded in our subconscious and has become part of our DNA. Gentlemen at 21 is a like a journal that we may have re-read many times over the years, but now, like little love letters lost and found, there is more to explore. It is as if a box full of souvenirs is being set in our lap and if we choose we can cathartically relive every one of those moments slightly different than the hundreds of thousands of times we listened before. We will also find upon further self-examination that even if our lives have changed drastically in twenty-one years, the core of what brought us to embrace Gentlemen is still in our heart and in our head, it’s in in our love and in our bed.

I am honored every day to work with these gentlemen and truly grateful they have become life-long friends.

~Rynda Laurel
October 27th, 2014

SXSW 2015 Books Are The New Vinyl w/ Rynda, Chuck D & Danny Bland!

SXSW 15 Books Rynda Chuck DannyBooks are the new vinyl.

As the digital age sucks more and more books into your iPad or Kindle, the need to have the physical in front of you that you can touch and feel and look at becomes an obsession. Yes, we want e-books and audio books, but just as the resurgence of vinyl has created a new cult status, so will the printed book, beautiful in all it’s physical glory. Interesting stories, innovative ideas and visual content demands a physical component. Rynda Laurel (curator) will discuss the topic with Chuck D (Public Enemy/Enemy Books) and Awful Things & In Case We Die Author Danny Bland (Subpop, Fantagraphics) and maybe a surprise guest or two.


awful things 456x456Topics Covered:

Where do you start? How to motivate and get to the end product.

How easy is it to publish a book – digital or physical?

How and why to come up with innovative content ideas. (Like a haiku photo book?)

Why partnerships with art galleries, fan funding, crowd sourced books, and collaborations are the future.

How and why are record labels getting into the act? (Like Subpop and Third man Books)






The Afghan Whigs’ Release Gentlemen at 21 Deluxe Anniversary Editon

Gentlemen at 21
Rhino To Release 21st Anniversary Edition Of The Afghan Whigs Album ‘Gentlemen’

In the original 1993 biography for the album, Dulli commented: “It was a bad year for me and some of my friends, in terms of relationships and dealing with some of my own little ghosts. A year of just some kinds of remembrances and stuff that I guess I will never be able to forget, especially since I wrote it all down and made a record out of it.” 21 years later, we’re still all glad he did.


Deluxe Edition Of Landmark Album Features Remastered Audio Along
With Rare B-Sides, Live Performances And Previously Unreleased Demos

Available On CD, Vinyl, And Digitally On October 28th

If there is one album fully deserving of a coming of age celebration, it is The Afghan Whigs Gentlemen. Since its original release in October of 1993, Gentlemen’s lore has grown in stature as fans new and old continue to embrace the album. 33 1/3 published a book about the album in 2008 and Stereogum proclaimed just last month, “From its bombastic opening to its understated end, Gentlemen remains a fine example of what exactly independent rock music is capable of accomplishing.”

Rhino are proud to present the deluxe editions of the band’s landmark album with GENTLEMEN AT 21. The release features the original album newly remastered along with bonus content consisting of rare B-Sides, live performances and previously unreleased demos. In the UK, GENTLEMEN AT 21 will be released by Mute.

GENTLEMEN AT 21 presents the original record’s 11 tracks, updated but still retaining the 1993 album’s blistering swagger. The same 11 tracks that have made a visceral connection with fans over the last 21 years – the deeply dark and confessional lyrical content, the no-frills production qualities, and Greg Dulli’s soul-baring vocal performances captured on tape. In addition GENTLEMEN AT 21 includes all the original demos for the album, which were recorded at John Curley’s Ultrasuede studio space in Cincinnati. These eight tracks show the stark foundation of the songs, giving a deep insight into the creation of the album while at the same time revealing some remarkable moments caught on tape.

The bonus material also includes the original Debonair single b-sides, including “Mr. Superlove” and a cover of the southern blue-eyed soul classic “Dark End of the Street,” along with three songs recorded live for KTCL in Denver, previously issued on the What Jail Is Like EP. The set comes packaged with a faithful reproduction of the original sleeve art and its striking front cover image, a homage to Nan Goldin’s iconic “Nan and Brian in Bed, New York City,” that has proven to elicit just as profound a connection for the fans as the music on the album.

GENTLEMEN AT 21 arrives on October 28th as a 2-CD set for $19.98, digitally for $14.99 as well as the single original remastered LP for $24.98. A triple LP deluxe edition with the bonus material will be issued on November 28 on 180-gram vinyl for Record Store Day at $59.98.

Recorded in Memphis at Ardent Studios and originally released by Elektra Records on October 5th 1993, the album was the band’s major label debut after recording two full-length albums for Sub Pop. In the original 1993 biography for the album, Dulli commented: “It was a bad year for me and some of my friends, in terms of relationships and dealing with some of my own little ghosts. A year of just some kinds of remembrances and stuff that I guess I will never be able to forget, especially since I wrote it all down and made a record out of it.” 21 years later, we’re still all glad he did.


Disc One
1. “If I Were Going”
2. “Gentlemen”
3. “Be Sweet”
4. “Debonair”
5. “When We Two Parted”
6. “Fountain And Fairfax”
7. “What Jail Is Like”
8. “My Curse”
9. “Now You Know”
10. “I Keep Coming Back”
11. “Brother Woodrow/Closing Prayer”

Disc Two
The Demos
1. “If I Were Going”
2. “Gentlemen”
3. “Be Sweet”
4. “Debonair”
5. “When We Two Parted”
6. “Fountain And Fairfax”
7. “What Jail Is Like”
8. “My Curse”
9. “Now You Know”
10. “Brother Woodrow”
The B-Sides
11. “Little Girl Blue”
12. “Ready”
13. “Mr. Superlove”
14. “Dark End Of The Street”
15. “What Jail Is Like” (Live)
16. “Now You Know” (Live)
17. “My World Is Empty Without You/I Hear A Symphony” (Live)

Tracks 1-8 Demos Recorded At Ultrasuede
Tracks 9-10 Instrumental Rough Mixes, Ardent Studios
Tracks 15-17 Recorded Live For KTCL At The Mercury Café, Denver, CO, May 10th, 1994

#ChuckD140c -The Black In Man – Chuck D MP3 Album Featuring Mavis Staples.

Chuck D Black in ManMore than honored to have helped Mr Chuck D sort through his 30K tweets to find the intro and outro to his new album.

Get your copy here:





Here are the words:


Twitter 140 characters

I DIG tweeting thought AND culture on this thing. It amazes me how so many people waste this great connect of technology  

Thin line between a mogul and a mongrel.

@ Mr. Chuck D

I am no Twidot, I refuse to be a Twidiot.


Fight The Power . Technology of the worldwide connection of likemindedness is unraveling the power of governments as we know it.Thus Governments of all types will resort to caveman like mass bloodshed to maintain control over human beings. If there was a millennium revolution . Check the historical record…check the prison and military agendas. Govts will do anything…FTP





Awful Things-Photos by Greg Dulli & Haiku by Danny Bland? Yes please.



We’re beside ourselves with glee about publishing I Apologize in Advance for the Awful Things I’m Gonna Do, a collection of haiku by celebrated author and musician Danny Bland on September 22nd in Europe and September 23rd in North America. …Awful Things… features photography by Greg Dulli (leader of The Afghan Whigs and The Twilight SIngers) and calligraphy by Exene Cervenka (co-founder of the band X) and is a 120-page, full-color, paperback edition. …Awful Things… originated from work that Bland has posted to his Facebook page, presented here with Dulli’s photographs, some of which appear on his Instagram feed. By capturing these elements in print, …Awful Things… rescues this material from slipping away downstream in their respective online feeds. Combining the profane and profound, the irreverent and touching, the hilarious and beautiful, …Awful Things… is the perfect hybrid art piece, or complementary physical artifact of these sources.

I Apologize in Advance for the Awful Things I’m Gonna Do is now available for preorder through the Sub Pop Mega Mart, Amazon and Insound. And, preorders of …Awful Things… at the Sub Pop Mega Mart will come with a free 6” x 8” print from the book, autographed by both Danny Bland and Greg Dulli (while supplies last).

About Danny Bland:
once a year he still
romanticizes bushmills
and fair-skinned lasses
Bland is the author of the novel In Case We Die (2013, Fantagraphics Books), as well as a longtime musician (former member of Sub Pop bands Cat Butt, Dwarves, Best Kissers in the World) and tour manager. This is his first book of poetry, but please don’t call it that.

About Greg Dulli:
dark prince, bon vivant
or is he just a mistake
you haven’t made, yet

Dulli is the leader of The Afghan Whigs and The Twilight Singers. He makes a living exorcising demons (read more at at SubPop).

The Afghan Whigs To Release New Album On Sub Pop


Afghan Whigs Do To The Beast cover

The Afghan Whigs To Release Their First
New Album In Sixteen Years On Sub Pop

Do To The Beast
Will Be Released Worldwide On April 14th & 15th

Appearing At Coachella On April 11th & 18th

Sub Pop is beyond thrilled to announce that The Afghan Whigs will mark their return to the label with Do To The Beast their first new album in 16 years, on April 14th in Europe and April 15th in North America via Sub Pop.

Additional release information will be available soon.

The Afghan Whigs will perform at this year’s sold-out Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival on Friday April 11th and Friday April 18th, 2014.

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