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I am are honored that VRYeveryday will be part of 320 Festival and I will co-host a virtual round table with Maribeth Savoie from Active Minds on Nutrition and Mental Health!

RSVP for the Nutrition and Mental Health Panel HERE.

Join us May 8 – 10 for the 320 Festival Online featuring mental health educational sessions, performances, and more all day long. Though we can’t meet in person, the conversation will continue and we will come together!

Stream it on Facebook Live, Youtube Live, and KNEKT.TV Network on Roku, AppleTV, and here!💜

Also use “320FestivalOnline” at checkout for a discount on our formulas now through May 31!


Joining GEOSHIP – The Future of Home

I am so happy to announce that I have joined Geoship in a Business Development, Marketing and Communications role. I look forward to sharing the future of geodesic living and regenerative architecture with you!  I will still be working with my music clients and of course VRYeveryday will continue to grow!

#StartEngine #equitycrowdfunding campaign is up now:

Geoship designs and produces affordable, regenerative, resilient, and healthy homes. Our vision is a revolution in home building — to reconnect human communities and the natural world. Our social purpose is to create tools for healthy living in community in harmony with nature.

Greg Dulli Announces Solo Record!

Random Desire out 2/21/20

Without Desire…

Without desire, most of the world’s problems would be solved and it would be a miserable place to live. For the last 30 years, Greg Dulli has been the poet laureate of the bizarre whims and cruel tangents of desire. A foremost authority on the sell-your-soul rewards of carnal lust, the high voltage epiphanies of chemical enhancement, and the serotonin lows left in their wake. The front man of the Afghan Whigs has long been on a first-name basis with his demons, most of whom eventually relented and let him pour them a shot. But then there are the known unknowns at the heart of our nature, the intractable difficulties of love and death, and the recurring human desire for survival and rebirth.

Therein lies Random Desire, the first solo album under Dulli’s own name, following canonized stints at the helm of The Afghan Whigs and The Twilight Singers. The title is a play on “random selection,” which refers to a process that researchers use to pick participants for a study. When using this method, every single member of a population has an “equal chance of being chosen as a subject.” Recontextualized, it allows us to realize the randomness of existence, the odd alchemy of emotions, chemistry, and circumstance that baffle us to no end. The reasons why artists write songs and why listeners need them. And even if the answers are evasive, that’s no excuse to quit searching.

Random Desire started in the aftermath of the last Whigs record, 2017’s In Spades, which Pitchfork named one of the best rock records of the year, hailing it as a “heavy, menacing work of indie rock majesty…thrilling and unsettling.” Drummer Patrick Keeler was about to take a short sabbatical to record and tour with his other band, The Raconteurs. Dulli’s longtime collaborator, bassist John Curley went back to school, and there was the tragic death of the band’s guitarist, Dave Rosser.

In response, Dulli returned to his teenage bedroom roots, finding musical inspiration via the model of one-man-band visionaries Prince and Todd Rundgren. The Los Angeles-by-way-of-Hamilton Ohio native wrote nearly every part of the record from piano lines to drums to bass riffs. As always, the music came first and the lyrics were completed later. Recording and writing way stations included his home in Silver Lake, the village of Crestline high up in mountains above San Bernardino, and New Orleans. But the bulk was finished amidst the arid beauty and stark isolation of Joshua Tree at the studio of engineer Christopher Thorn. Dulli handled most instrumentation, but an all-star cast of characters appear across the track-listing including The Whigs’ guitarist Jon Skibic and multi-instrumentalist Rick G. Nelson, Mathias Schneeberger (Twilight Singers), pedal steel wizard, upright bassist, and physician Dr. Stephen Patt, and drummer Jon Theodore (Queens of the Stone Age, The Mars Volta).

If many of his grunge-era peers are tapped out or resting beneath, Dulli has proven that creativity can be infinite with a voodoo imagination that tilts towards constant revolution. A gris gris man in the vein of Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Nick Cave, or the dearly departed Purple One, Dulli’s never made the same album twice, shapeshifting through funk, soul, hip-hop, jazz, and bloody knuckled rock n’ roll without wandering too far from the essence of what defines his sound. But don’t expect your older brother’s Afghan Whigs. There are serrated guitar attacks, sure, but there are also threnodies built atop sepulchral piano lines, plaintive acoustic hymnals, goth-rock benders, Bedouin caravan raggas, and the occasional hip-hop 808s slap.

The bulk of Random Desire cohered in a six-month whirlwind last year. After writing songs for the previous 18 months, Dulli scrapped all but “A Ghost” and “Scorpio.” Into the void came a narcotic lovers lament like “Sempre,” which gathers dark strength from the fatalistic comfort of knowing that things might never get any easier. It’s a bittersweet kiss off to a lover, laughing at their cruelness with a knowing sneer. As a wise man once said, it’s that ether that makes your soul burn slow. There is “Pantomima,” the Spanish and Italian word for “pantomine,” rooted in the everyday deceptions of people who babble with borrowed words. It almost plays out like a Go Team! song, if the squad lost the game and consoled themselves by letting chaos engulf them. The tone is set from the sardonic taunts of the album’s first bars: desolation, come and get it.

“Marry Me” is a midnight of the soul number full of delicate guitar and moonlit ambience, a pedal steel sighing like a woeful regret in the distance — the words full of ambiguous questions and recollected sin. “It Falls Apart” floats with aquatic translucency, introducing the album’s experimental second half and the gut-punch feeling that whatever romance was sparked will soon be extinguished. “Scorpio” boasts the de facto Prince nod with a middle portion borrowing the symbol’s pitched up Camille falsetto. While “Lockless” pays tribute to the creative benefits of loneliness, the shock that you still possess the ability to be surprised and the numbing revelation that your worst suspicions usually come true. “Slow Pan” is the slinking finale, the end credits with a Last Waltz grace. The screen fades out as a harp angelically hums (as the holy spirit of Dorothy Ashby would’ve intended).

Clocking in at a lean 37 minutes, Random Desire is a clinic put on by a veteran master operating at the height of his powers, offering evidence of the hard-fought and weary wisdom learned from setbacks and victories alike. A lucid, confident and self-assured document of the songs of experience, the perils of existence, and the possibilities that offer themselves anew with each breath. Another death and rebirth from an outlaw who has seen it all and somehow lived to tell.



Mental Health Nutrition for Vegans at California Vegetarian Food Festival


Mental Health Nutrition for Vegans
Saturday 12:00 – 12:30 Banana Symposium Stage
Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco

VRYEVERYDAY will also have a booth at the event- join us! Use VRY40 for a discount.

What is Mental Health Nutrition and Nutritional Psychiatry? Simply put, your biochemistry can affect your mental health on many levels and many times nutrition and supplementation can play a huge role in your wellbeing. We know “you are what you eat” but you are also what you absorb, how your body processes it and what your body may need more attending to. Learn how food can affect your moods, what deficiencies can cause mood imbalances, depression, anxiety and sleep issues. We will address the Neurotransmitter, Endocrine and Hormone Systems plus Gut Health – all key factors in maintaining good mental health.

Remember this- every wellness modality works better when you are biochemically in balance.

Class will be taught by Rynda Laurel. Founder of VRYeveryday, Wellness Entrepreneur, Speaker and Certified Nutritional Recovery Coach with over 27 years of sobriety and 3 years clinical depression free using natural modalities.


“Finding Natural Alternatives for Mental Health” Interview with Uplifting Content’s Ione Butler

Feeling tired, stressed, can’t sleep, depressed or anxious?? 😣

Meet Rynda Laurell the founder of VRY everyday a supplement brand with products specifically designed to support emotional wellness, mental health and biochemical recovery. In this clip she talks about coming off anti-depressants and the difficulty of finding natural alternatives for mental health with traditional doctors.👨🏻‍⚕️👩🏽‍⚕️

I’ve been using the VRYeveryday products for over a month and I am most impressed with #DOPAMIND, which helps you “feel alive.” I’ve drastically reduced how much coffee I drink to practically none because of this supplement and I have more energy during the day. I highly recommend it.👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

If you’re looking for a natural alternative to help improve your mood, wellbeing and energy check out the latest Uplifting Content #podcast episode: Let’s Talk About Transformation, Recovery and VRYeveryday with Rynda Laurel, OUT NOW! Available wherever you listen to your podcasts.





Voyage LA: LA’s Most Inspiring Stories with Rynda Laurel



Today we’d like to introduce you to Rynda Laurel.

Rynda, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
Thanks Voyage LA! Since this is about LA I wanted to start with the fact that I am a native Californian, having been born in San Francisco and grown up in Southern California. I’ve been influenced by the Summer of Love, Punk Rock Fullerton, Hollywood and the Sunset Strip, Sunny Santa Monica and Huntington Beaches, Green Valley Lake Mountains and most recently the calm of Joshua Tree!  I’ve lived in all of the Southern California counties but would consider Hollywood the place I spent the most time, first moving there from Fullerton in 1987 and last living there full time in 2016. I still visit monthly and although I’ve lived in NYC, Paris and now Joshua Tree, I consider LA home.

I consider myself a Catalyst, Strategist, Speaker and Entrepreneur! Whew. I’ve had long career in the music, entertainment, brand, and online space where I still consult for a select number of clients and I just launched a wellness brand for mental health called VRYeveryday. Catalyst- I like to help people turn ideas into reality, sometimes that means taking a seed of an idea and helping to make it happen, and sometimes that means going to a person/brand etc with something they never thought of and helping them develop it. As a Strategist, I like to help existing projects expand reach by taking the core idea and finding new outlets for growth. As Speaker, I’ve spoken on a multitude of subjects and international events such as SXSW, MIDEM, DigitalLA, NYC Veg Fest and more. It’s important for me to give back so I am on the board for a number of non-profit organizations including Alliance For Addiction Solutions, Sweet Relief, and Charity Bomb. As for Entrepreneur, along with my consulting company, VRYeveryday has become my entire mission. We’ll talk more about that below!

We’re always bombarded by how great it is to pursue your passion, etc – but we’ve spoken with enough people to know that it’s not always easy. Overall, would you say things have been easy for you?
The struggle is real. Early in my music business career I struggled with addiction and alcoholism. Working in the music industry made it more acceptable as a lifestyle but at 24, I hit a bottom and started on the journey of recovery. I was immediately supported by my family, friends and musical community and have been able to remain clean and sober since July 10, 1992 – over 27 years as I write this! I also struggled with clinical depression for many years and tried multiple modalities including medication to help figure out the solution. In the constant search to feel better, I have read a copious amounts of books and sat through a gazillion online courses (plus a few certifications), consulted with multiple doctors and therapists and health practitioners and 12 step sponsors and nutrition coaches and the list goes on and on…. and finally by using specific supplements and understanding how my diet was affecting my moods and modifying it, I was able to recover from my own mood and depression issues.

Of course, I continued to do all the things that kept me sober (community and spiritual connection) and mindful (yoga, meditation and breath-work) but with the addition of detailed functional medicine lab work, a fine-tuned nutrition plan and mood-balancing supplements, everything finally changed. It’s been three years off of medication and per the doctors (and even more importantly, my own day to day life) my clinical depression is in full remission and has been for over three years. I share this not only to help smash the stigma of addiction and mental health issues but also to explain what led me to launching a new company that addresses natural solutions for mental health. Enter- VRYeveryday.

So let’s switch gears a bit and go into the VRY everyday story. Tell us more about the business.
In January of 2018, I launched VRYeveryday, a wellness brand with a mission to help support emotional wellbeing, mental health, and biochemical recovery using nutrition supplements and various wellness modalities. We launched with five all-natural, vegan non-gmo formulas to support various body systems using amino acids, herbs, minerals, and vitamin co-factors to help with issues such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, “the hangrys” and overall mood balancing. It is important to understand this– everything we do works better if our bodies and brains are fed properly. It is my mission to help more people learn about all of the additional natural ways we can supplement the body and brain to become happy, joyous and free truly. It is now my life’s purpose.

I’ve been very thoughtful on our brand and my company. I wanted the product itself to be top-notch. I worked with a manufacturing company that has been around 50+ years. We created with formulas informed by the innovators in Mental Health Nutrition and Amino Acid therapy, Herbalists and Health Practitioners… I also wanted the product to look good and have a combination of scientific FDA compliant language mixed with bright desert colors, fun names and “the feels” on each formula (Feel Happy, Feel Alive, Feel Calm, Feel Relaxed, Feel Balanced) for simplicity.

We are dedicated to formulas that focus on mental health and emotional wellbeing. It’s an honor that the wellness and recovery communities specifically have embraced our mission. We work with a lot of people searching for natural solutions instead of pharmaceuticals and a number of Doctors and Certified Health Coaches have started to use the formulas in their practices!

VRYeveryday can be purchased directly from our website or found in Southern California at these great locations: Liberate Hollywood, Siesta Yoga (Hollywood), My 12 Step Store (West Hollywood) Brat (Santa Monica), Earths Elements (Encinitas, Hermosa, Big Bear) The End (Yucca Valley) and Grateful Desert (Joshua Tree).

If you’re reading this and own a business that might want to carry our products, or are a Health Care practitioner and would like to get trained and added to our recommendation page reach out!

Has luck played a meaningful role in your life and business?
I call luck “the synchronicity gene mixed with magnetization” and yes, I have been REALLY lucky a number of times. Right place right time with a bit of what my friend Greg Dulli coined #SpookyBeingMe – but with the gumption and smarts to back it up. Here is my favorite:

In 2000, I was working for the kid’s division of Sony Music and I had an idea to do a children’s album with David Bowie. I was a department coordinator (low level in the company!) but none the less I put together the concept and asked my boss at the time if I could send it to David Bowie’s team and she said sure, why not? Neither one of us was expecting to get a call the next day from David Bowie’s manager saying he was just in the office the day before and mentioned wanting to do a children’s record and wanted to meet me. Is that Luck? Synchronicity? David Bowie magic!?! Fast forward and I did end up having a meeting with this creative genius, who during the meeting asked ME my creative ideas – what? It was a meeting I will never, ever forget! He ended up signing with Sony Music but alas, I didn’t get my kids record. I got some amazing moments with the incredible David Bowie, a great story, a raise, a bonus, a promotion and the satisfaction knowing I pretty much helped sign him! 🙂

There are many more stories like this, I have it happen all the time. My advice is if you have an idea – GO FOR IT. Be prepared, listen to the universe and you never know what you may magnetize.

Contact Info:



Rynda talks with Liberate The Podcast about Natural Solutions & VRYeveryday.

From Liberate Hollywood:

Natural Solutions For Anxiety, Depression & Addiction Recovery 🌱💚

If you haven’t struggled with Anxiety, Depression or Addiction, you probably know someone who has. In the spiritual community, we tend to dive in deep and look for the emotional root causes and traumas for these ailments, but @ryndagracefully points out that oftentimes there truly is a biochemical component as well (whether that was there as a baseline for some folks or happened as a result of chronic stress and trauma has yet to become crystal clear). While she’s not anti-medication, she shares her experience of recovery (27 years sober, congratulations sister!) and wellness and credits some amazing natural supplements… (s/o to @vryeveryday) 💜 her mission is to spread the word that we have some wonderful and effective natural options 💁🏻‍♀️ You can join Rynda in person for Mental Health Nutrition 101 at Liberate Hollywood on Wednesday, July 24th from 7 – 9 PM, $25 Early Bird, $30 Day Of. Tickets at


Mental Health Nutrition 101 Workshop at Liberate Hollywood July 24th



**Early bird tickets get a a free VRYeveryday To-Go Pack of their choice** . BUY TICKETS:

What is Mental Health Nutrition and Nutritional Psychiatry? Simply put, your biochemistry can affect your mental health on many levels and many times nutrition and supplementation can play a huge role in your wellbeing. We know “you are what you eat” but you are also what you absorb, how your body processes it and what your body may need more attending to. Learn how food can affect your moods, what deficiencies can cause mood imbalances, depression, anxiety and sleep issues. We will address the Neurotransmitter, Endocrine and Hormone Systems plus Gut Health – all key factors in maintaining good mental health.

Remember this- every wellness modality works better when you are biochemically in balance.

Class will be taught by Rynda Laurel. Founder of VRYeveryday, Wellness Entrepreneur, Speaker and Certified Nutritional Recovery Coach with over 27 years of sobriety and 3 years clinical depression free using natural modalities.

Rynda joins Charity Bomb Advisory Board + Strange 80’s 3D!

I am so proud to officially join the Advisory Board for Charity Bomb after being a catalyst and unofficial advisor since the inception of the charity. Thank you Matthew Leone, Nathan Leone, Nik Frost and the rest of the team for being steadfast in vision and transparency.  – Rynda Laurel

Charity Bomb is an unconventional, disruptive charitable organization that marries passion, innovation and hard work to fundraise and producing custom benefit events for a variety of causes and charities.

One of the key events Charity Bomb created is Strange 80’s which is a benefit show that features a rotating cast of the biggest marquises talent and emerging artists in rock, performing songs from the world’s favorite decade, the 80s. Strange incorporates musicians, comedians and cast members from the latest binge-worthy series in pop-culture. Most importantly, 100% of the proceeds raised in LA will go to Give an Hour in partnership with 320 Changes Direction.

VRY everyday was also a proud sponsor of Strange 80’s 3D in Los Angeles on June 1st. VRYeveryday participated as a sponsor, had an information table, a VIP activation and donated to the gift bags. In addition all purchases of VRY product during the show and online with a special Charity Bomb code gives a percentage back to the designated Charity for this event.

Check out some of the fun footage here:  Rynda IG



Jesse Dayton Signs Book Deal with Da Capo Press/Hachette Book Group, Rynda adds “Literary Agent” to the Resume.

Jesse Dayton was told a million times “You should write a book” but I followed it up with “you ARE writing a book and I’m going to get you a damn book deal.” And I did. – Rynda Laurel

So here we go…..

Jesse Dayton’s untitled behind the-scenes- look at the adventures of first-rate storyteller, guitarist, and relentless road dog, who has shared the stage and recorded with everyone from Outlaw Country legends (Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings) to Punk/Metal rock stars (Social Distortion, Rob Zombie, Duff McKagan) and more; with a blend of social, political, and emotional narrative that takes the reader from Beaumont, TX to the White House and every road house and recording studio in between.

Ben Schafer @ Da Capo for publication spring 2021. Agent: Rynda Laurel


Future so bright we wear cheap sunglasses at night.

Rynda on The Simple Self Care Podcast: Overcoming Addiction + Depression

From the Simple Self Care Podcast:

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, I chat with mental health and addiction advocate Rynda Laurel who has not only overcome her own serious addiction and clinical depression, but she now educates others how to do the same.

She even started her own supplement company called VRYeveryday that has blends filled with the powerful ingredients that have helped her heal on a biochemical level.

Take a listen as we chat about:

  • taking the shame out of mental health and addiction

  • how to stand up for your own healing path

  • how to focus on the positive instead of what you lack

  • how to find community while making big changes

  • and more!

Listen and subscribe on Soundcloud or iTunes.

On The Simple Self Care Podcast

Rynda speaking at NYC VEG FEST on Mental Health Nutrition for Vegans. 5/19/19

“Mental Health Nutrition for Vegans”

12:40-1:20 – Rynda Laurel, Dr. Robert Graham, Kara Landau & Nicole Blonder

This panel focuses on the keys a vegan lifestyle needs to maintain good mental health.

Rynda Laurel is the founder of VRY everyday, a wellness brand with a mission to help support emotional wellbeing, mental health and biochemical recovery using nutrition, supplements and various wellness modalities. She is a certified Recovery Nutrition Coach and Wellness Entrepreneur. Rynda also has an extensive background in the music, entertainment, brand, and online space where she still works with a select number of clients. She has helped expand and monetize numerous careers, companies, and ventures by focusing on the core strengths of a project then generating new opportunities for discovery and growth. Her network is vast, and she has a knack for combining creative concepts with the right partners to get executable results. Rynda is a sought-after multi-subject speaker, moderator, and event curator. She also works with a number of charitable organizations. For more information

Chef Robert Graham, MD, MPH, ABOIM, FACP is the co–founder of FRESH Medicine. Dr. Graham is the only Harvard trained physician, board certified in both Internal and Integrative Medicine, and Chef. Dr. Graham received his medical degree from the School of Medicine at Stony Brook University Medical Center and completed his residency in Internal Medicine at Lenox Hill Hospital. He earned a Master’s of Public Health from the Harvard School of Public Health while completing three fellowships in General Internal Medicine, Complementary and Integrative Medical Therapies and Medical Education at Harvard Medical School. In 2018, Dr. Graham became a chef from the Natural Gourmet Institute in NYC, one of twenty trained chef/doctors globally. As an international speaker, health innovator and educator in the wellness space, Dr Graham has also appeared in numerous high profile media outlets. Dr. Graham’s most recent venture is FRESH Medicine, an integrative medical practice where he and his wife, Julie incorporate their roots in holistic and conventional medicine into our modern healthcare system with an emphasis on having greater respect for the five ingredients for health: Food, Relaxation, Exercise, Sleep and Happiness, now that spells F.R.E.S.H! For more information:

Kara Landau “Travelling Dietitian” is a highly respected Australian Registered Dietitian, Author and Founder of Uplift Food- Good Mood Food, the world’s first dietitian created functional food brand to focus exclusively on the mood supportive benefits of gut healthy prebiotics. As a previous spokesperson for the Dietitians Association of Australia, and now the nutrition advisor and media representative for the Global Prebiotic Association, and as a well respected expert on gut health and psychobiotics, Kara can be found quoted throughout titles such as Shape, Elle, Elite Daily, Bustle, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Reader’s Digest, MSN, Yahoo, and more. Kara’s mission it to continue to educate, inspire, and make eating a prebiotic rich diet easy and enjoyable to all those that she can encounter. For more information

Nicole Blonder is a certified IIN Holistic Health Coach and co-founder of equilibrium., an initiative which explores issues of wellness in the music industry, where she worked for over 20 years. Her personal journey thriving with Ulcerative Colitis has shaped her passion to support clients in discovering their unique path to healing by utilizing nutrition, sustainable lifestyle choices, stress management techniques and self-awareness. For more info

VRY everyday will also have a vending table.



VRY featured in story by Anna Hart for Telegraph UK.

Read the full article online: Telegraph UK

Follow Anna: @AnnadotHart on IG & Twitter

Rynda Laurel, founder of VRY, says she started taking Mucuna pruriens while trying to wean herself off antidepressants. “[It] was like a magic bullet for me,” she says. “My mission is to show people there are more natural alternatives to pharmaceuticals.”

I’ve tried meditation apps and antidepressants, but it was a dose of dopamine that gave me back my mojo.

As a 35-year-old who has experienced periods of anxiety and depression for nearly two decades, I’ve come up with a benchmark for when simply feeling “down” becomes a problem: it’s when I can no longer do things I know will make me feel better. And a few months ago, I was feeling low and subdued and couldn’t find the motivation to do much.

When I feel like this, I know I should go to that party, exercise or spend quality time with my boyfriend, but I just can’t get out of the door. Usually, I put this down to laziness or self-sabotage, becoming frustrated with myself for making poor decisions.

Popular psychology and mindfulness meditation apps are touted as an easy fix for various psychological ills, such as depression, anxiety or stress. But for many people, including myself, the notion that our emotional state is in our own hands isn’t always helpful.

So I began looking beyond pop psychology and into the field of neuroscience. What I learned has changed how I think about my emotional state in a hugely positive way. I’m a long way from “mastering my moods”, as the meditation apps promise, but I’m a little bit closer to understanding them.

My first foray was a lecture on the subject of dopamine by the neuroscientist Ali Jennings ( who is studying the link between depression, motivation and low dopamine levels.

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter, carrying messages in the brain. It is vital to our body’s reward system so is often called the “feel-good hormone”, but Jennings says this can be misleading.

“Dopamine itself isn’t making you happy or sad,” he explains. Instead, it’s released when we anticipate a reward, providing motivation to reach our goal. “Your mood gets better if you get something you want,” Dr Jennings adds. “Dopamine just gives you the drive to pursue it.”

He believes too little dopamine may lead to a lack of motivation, along with other symptoms of depression.

A thirsty consumer of popular psychology, I’m more used to hearing the opposite: if I just meditate enough, say the right affirmations or download a certain app, I will feel better. Do things properly and my moods will be as easy to steer as a dodgem car. This idea was put forward in 1952 by a bestselling book, The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale. Peale’s work has since been discredited, but we can’t shake the notion that we’ll feel fabulous if we insist loudly enough that we are fabulous. Upbeat, millennial-pink mantras clutter Instagram, proclaiming the power of self-belief.

The thing is, this approach leaves me feeling like depression is all my fault. I have failed to grip the steering wheel, and my dodgem is swerving all over the place.

The traditional treatments are dogged by problems, too. In the past I’ve been prescribed Citalopram, but antidepressants – many of which work by altering levels of another neurotransmitter, serotonin – can cause severe side effects, and there are concerns about over-prescription, with the number doled out in the UK doubling over the past decade.

Perhaps it’s inevitable that many of us are looking for alternatives. In the US, “mood-balancing supplements” are big news, with brands such as Potion and VRY claiming to boost dopamine production. In the UK, Brain Feed is a new line of “brain health” supplements, including 5-HTP for “serotonin enhancement”.

Keen to see if they could really give me a lift, I ordered VRY’s Dopa Mind, containing Mucuna pruriens. This seed is naturally rich in L-dopa, which is converted to dopamine in the brain and is already widely used to treat low levels of the neurotransmitter in Parkinson’s disease patients.

Although I’m usually sceptical of pricey supplements – and Dopa Mind costs £27 for 90 tablets – the results were almost immediate. Within a few days, I felt more motivated, positive and able to cope with challenges at work.

Rynda Laurel, founder of VRY, says she started taking Mucuna pruriens while trying to wean herself off antidepressants. “[It] was like a magic bullet for me,” she says. “My mission is to show people there are more natural alternatives to pharmaceuticals.” But while my blues did lift, I noticed other changes too. I felt wilder, more reckless, and was more likely to strike up conversations with strangers.

“Dopamine is that big red button that motivates us to pursue reward.”

Clinical psychologist Dr Jessamy Hibberd says understanding how the mind works often helps her patients, but cautions against relying on supplements.

“It’s important to look at our behaviours, too, and how we can control them,” she says. “Our moods are elevated by pleasure, and this is linked to dopamine, but it’s up to us to determine what we derive pleasure from, whether that’s exercise, making time for friends, or an activity we enjoy.”

Personally, I find making sense of the chemicals in my brain reassuring, since I no longer feel like a failure when my moods fluctuate. I won’t be taking Dopa Mind, or any other mood supplement, every day. But when I feel low, I wouldn’t mind turning to it for a little extra push.

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED Telegraph UK April 15, 2019.

Rynda’s panel at SXSW: Mental Health Matters: Practical Guide for the Touring Musician

Travel and touring can be hard on your mental and physical health. What you eat and how you live under those circumstances can have a profound affect on your mental health. How do you maintain good habits while on the road? How do you find good food options? How do you craft good choices into riders and late night after show meals? How do you fit in exercise between gigs? What other tools can you use to help maximize mental health? How do you stay healthy so you can truly be a creative artist and give your best performances? We got you. Join our panel of experts in Nutrition, Fitness, Wellness and #Tourlife for a detailed discussion, take away guide and practical Q&A session.
RYNDA LAUREL – Music Business Veteran, Wellness Entrepreneur – VRYeveryday
JASON WROBEL – Wellness Coach & Chef
SHEA BOLAND – Coaching & Fitness
EMILY KAY – Music Business Veteran, Hardcharger Management
MAR 16, 2019 | 12:30PM – 1:30PM

Rynda on A Sober Girls Guide Podcast

New podcast episode is out now with Rynda Laurel of VRyeveryday supplements. Don’t worry you don’t have to be a doctor or a scientist to understand biochemical recovery. Rynda explains what it is and why bio chemical recovery is a vital component to any successful recovery. Also use promo code : asobergirlsguide for 10% off your order at

LISTEN on itunes

Cadillac Tramps Documentary @ REEL Recovery Film Festival

Los Angeles friends if you have not seen this film please join us to view on the big screen. Yes, it’s about one of OC’s most amazing bands Cadillac Tramps but it’s also about addiction recovery, perseverance, friendship and a beautiful brotherhood. I’m biased of course cause I’m in the story but…. it’s an incredible journey, I promise. Part of REEL Recovery Film Festival. TIX:


Rynda on Desert Lady Diaries Podcast

“30 years after her first visit to the desert as an assistant on a photo shoot in the mid-80’s, Rynda was out to dinner with a friend at Pappy & Harriet’s, winding up a two week stay, when she jokingly asked if he ever needed a house-sitter. He happened to be going out of town in three days and offered his place to Rynda for the next six weeks. That’s some desert magic right there.

Rynda spent a great deal of time in the music business moving from LA to NY and back again working in A&R, digital marketing and a tech company in Paris. She continues to do marketing and is now a player in the wellness industry with her new supplements VRYeveryday which help to address the bio-chemical aspects of mental health. (For a limited time, use the code DesertLadyDiaries for FREE SHIPPING – thanks Rynda!)

In this episode, Rynda also graciously speaks very candidly about her own recovery and provides some insight to anyone who needs help if they’re facing addiction and want to get help.”


Also available on Spotify, iTunes, YouTube



Rynda on Soulful MBA Podcast

Rynda Laurel: Founding a Supplement Company From the Ground Up

“You’re worth it.” – Rynda Laurel

In this episode, we interview entrepreneur Rynda Laurel—who has an extensive background in the entertainment industry and with building brands in the online space. She is on a mission to help more people learn about the natural ways they can supplement their bodies and brains to truly become happy, joyous, and free.

Rynda, who has a background in the music industry, is a highly sought-after consultant and currently works with a select number innovative, like-minded entrepreneurs, lifestyle brands, content creators, and experiential events. She has helped to grow multiple companies and ventures. Her network is vast and she has a knack for combining creative concepts with the right people to get achieve powerful results.

Rynda has also just launched VRYeveryday, a supplement line supporting mental health and well-being. She has over 25 years of continuous sobriety and recovery from drug addiction and almost 3 years of full remission from clinical depression.

It’s not everyday that you meet a woman who took it upon herself to launch a business of this nature—formulating and manufacturing her own supplements—and that’s the primary focus of this conversation. Rynda is brave and her story is vulnerable.

Connect with Rynda: here / here / here

Joy: messages of impact from VRYeveryday users
Hustle: perseverance



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Rynda on Light In A Spoon Podcast

Click to play.

From Rock & Roll To Recovery, To Catalyst, Strategist & Entrepreneur 

Rynda is a fierce advocate for transformation. She lives in the world as a beautiful expression of creative passion, courageous adventure and selfless service. Listen with an open mind and heart as Rynda shares her experience, strength and hope.

You know how you meet people and they either enter into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime? Well, I am not sure which Rynda will be in my life but I can say, I already know the reason, it’s already been a good but brief season and I wouldn’t be too sad if it remained for a lifetime.

Rynda, THANK YOU for your wide-open heart of courage and love. Thank you for bringing the gift of VRYEveryday to the world…to us. Thank you for your care and service to those seeking a ‘way out’ of addiction.

The realm of recovery, as we have come to know it has been the almost exclusive domain of “having had a spiritual awakening as a result of…” However, it isn’t wise nor prudent to dismiss other important components of “recovery”…for that matter mental health as a whole. Let’s face it our culture has infected the entire planet with a mental illness bordering on the lunacy of consumption and prosperity at all cost. This global condition is the untreated condition of 7.3 billion individuals who live as, what the Buddhists would call, Hungry Ghosts…constant craving for more. You and are are infected with a version of ‘ISM’ be it alcoholISM, consumerISM, any form of religionISM. The ISM = I Seek More. Whoa, how did I get so far down that path?

Let me return to other vital components to OUR collective restoration to ‘sanity’. That brings me to the solution Rynda is drawing our attention to, the biochemical rebalancing that all of us need to be brought ‘home’ to. Whether we’ve consumed copious amounts of chemicals to induce an altered state or we’ve drowned our neurons in the consumption of social media our biochemistry is ‘WACKED’. Rynda offers a solution in the form of

Please visit Rynda’s Website & FaceBook Page and do the research you need to purchase any of the products that support the restoration of our balanced biochemistry.

Rynda Rocks Recovery 7-10-18

Today I celebrate 26 years of recovery from alcohol and drug addiction but the day count is what really gets me – 9,498 days! The last 365 of them have been incredible with the realization of VRYeveryday and telling my story way out loud so that I might help others and bring awareness to a holistic way of thinking about mental health and recovery. Being vulnerable in a very public way has been the biggest challenge but I’m grateful when someone reaches out to say it made a difference.

If you are struggling with addiction or mental health issues or just plain life fatigue, I’m here to tell you there is hope and relief- I promise, it’s possible. If you are reading this you have contributed to this wonderful life of mine in some big or small way and I thank you sincerely. xo


Celebrating 26 Years in Recovery – July 10, 2018

Executive Corner Q&A on Addiction/Recovery E-Bulletin


Click to read



Executive Corner

APRIL 24, 2018




Rynda Laurel has worked with hundreds of music artists from developing acts to multi-platinum, Grammy-winning, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees. She also advises music based online platforms and is a sought-after moderator, speaker at international conferences including MIDEM, Silicon Beach Fest, SXSW, SXSW, V2V, DEW, CMW, and Digital LA.

Working directly with content creators and intellectual properties for over 25 years in various aspects gives her a unique, multifaceted view of the entertainment business.

In 2018, Rynda also started a new company VRYeveryday, with a mission to help support a natural biochemical approach for people in recovery from all forms of addiction, mood and mental health issues using nutrition, supplements and various wellness modalities. She is also a speaker and advocate for holistic recovery from addiction and mental health issues.

Rynda Laurel

Learn more about VRYeverday at




Q. If you are in recovery, what was your DOC and when did you discontinue its use?
A. Sobriety Date July 10, 1992 DOC depends on the year! Alcohol, stimulants & opiates.

Q. At which of the schools you attended did you learn the most?
A. The school of Richard Branson. Just kidding but not really.

Q. If you ever retire, would you prefer to live by the ocean, lake, river, or mountaintop, or penthouse?
A. I’d prefer to travel the world.

Q. What is your biggest or littlest pet peeve?
A. When people ask me to “pick my brain” – I mean the visual alone. As a consultant my brain is expensive! I will gladly sit and give you advice, insight and maybe even a tad bit of wisdom, but none of that is brain picking.

Q. How do you measure success?
A. Staying sober, accomplishing goals, being able to get a massage once a month.

Q. If you were giving a dinner party for your 3 favorite authors, Living or dead, who would they be? (you can choose 4 if you think one might be too drunk or stoned to attend.)
A.  Anais Nin/Henry Miller (they come as a pair), Raymond Chandler, JRR Tolkein. What a party that would be!


Q. Radio show, news show –
A. Rachel Maddow, I like the way she starts a story and brings a through line.

Q. TV/cable/digital series?
A. Too many to list, I watch a lot of TV series.

Q. Non-fiction book genre?
A. Quantum Theory, Energy, Astronomy.

Q. Museum?
A. The Louvre of course!

Q. Band/composer/musical artist?
A. Greg Dulli

Q. Psychology or school of thought as related to psychology?
A. Synchronicity and all things Jung.

Q. Sport to watch?
A. Hockey

Q. City?

Q. Do you take work home with you?

Q. What is the best piece of advice you’ve been given?
A. From my 92 year old Grandma “you can only compare yourself to yourself”

Q. Do you think addiction is an illness, a disease, a choice, or a wicked twist of fate?
A. I think addiction is an imbalance in brain and body chemistry.

Q. What are five things you always carry with you?
A. My keys, iphone, wallet, earplugs and lipgloss.

Q. What’s the greatest risk you’ve ever taken?
A. Starting VRYeveryday.  (and that tops asking David Bowie to dress up as Big Bird and go on Tour with Elmo – true story)

Q. What is the proudest moment in your life?
A. Every year that I celebrate in recovery is my proudest. I do have some most MEMORABLE that I’d like to share – Having a creative meeting with David Bowie, going on tour with Public Enemy and riding a camel in front of the Pyramids of Giza, and starting VRYeveryday.


Rynda on the Z-Man Podcast with Todd Zalkins

Z-Man sits down with Rynda Laurel, music industry veteran turned entrepreneur with 25+ years sobriety. They discuss some of her experiences in the industry including stories about The Cadillac Tramps, Pearl Jam, and David Bowie.  They also discuss managing depression and how Rynda’s new product line VRYeveryday is getting momentum and making a difference.
listen here:
Facebook live:


Rynda Re(Pro) via The Sobriety Collective

For the first time, Rynda Laurel shares her 25 year recovery story and how it led her to start VRYeveryday.
Rynda Laurel #42

I’m beyond stoked to bring you our #42 (meaning of the universe) on pi (π) day, Ms. Rynda (rhymes with “Linda”) Laurel.

I feel like I’ve known this amazing woman forever *and* when I think about it, it’s only been less than a year. Last July, I saw Rynda’s face on Ryan Hampton’s Twitter feed, sharing her 25 year sobriety anniversary. So immediately I was like, what skin care products does this gal use and where can I get some because unless she stopped using substances when she was 10, I was NOT believing that she could celebrate a quarter century of recovery. As it turns out, she was 24 when she got sober (same age as me) and in July (also same as me). I come to find out her birthday is May 18th (same as ME!). Then we got to talking about depression; I was struggling terribly after being the victim of an elaborate emotional scam (will write about this soon) and wasn’t sure if my feelings were just situational (to be expected, duh) or part of larger feelings of sadness and general blasé. Rynda told me about amino acids and what worked for her own depression and thus began our friendship and professional collaboration/partnership. There’s so much more I want to say but you have a lot to read, my friends. So get started and I’ll sign off in 3…2…1…


Name: Rynda Laurel

Age: 49

Location: Joshua Tree, CA

Recovery date (turning point for addiction or mental illness): 7/10/1992

Creative niche: 
I’ve been working with musicians, artists and writers as a creative executive in development, management and marketing for most of my life! I’m also a traditional film photographer, sometimes writer, and entrepreneur.

If applicable, drug of choice: 
Depends on the year! Alcohol, stimulants & opiates.

Recovery story in a nutshell:

 My RecoVRY story — Rynda here, figured it was about time I told my story.

I was born 9 months after the Summer of Love in San Francisco so I guess I’m lucky my name isn’t Starchild or Moonbeam – Rynda is just fine by me! One of my favorite childhood tales is that my music loving young Mom went to see The Doors at the Fillmore while she was pregnant with me. I always joke that it explains everything as I’ve spent most of my personal and professional life in clubs watching incredible bands with an iconic frontman.

My late teens and early twenties were a whirlwind of great times, booze, drugs and a career in the music business that allowed my addictions to flourish without much repercussion. From Punk Rock Fullerton with Jack, Jim and Crystal (that’s whiskey and crystal-meth-amphetamine) to cocaine laced Hollywood Burning Tree soup on the Sunset Strip to New York downtown on Avenue A copping dope, it was a cornucopia of wild adventures. At first I just wanted to have fun and to drink and snort my courage, because deep down I had feelings of inadequacy and fear, then I didn’t want to feel the shame and heartbreaks, and then I simply just didn’t want to feel – anything. Heroin can do that, make all those pesky feelings go away, for a little while anyway. It also caused me to become an empty shell of a person. Worst of all, at some point it just STOPPED WORKING and by that time I simply could not stop.

I’d make every resolve, try every trick and I WANTED it with every cell in my body and I’d still find myself down in the avenues seeking relief. At 24, I was wondering around in a grey world, stuck between complete darkness and seeking the light. I was miserable and I felt broken and hopeless. I had hit bottom. I had the number of a detox memorized from an advertisement in the subway that said “When You’re Ready, Call Us.” I can’t tell you what made that particular night the night, but I picked up the phone and made the call. I dialed each number with desperate intention. A man picked up the phone: “My name is Albert – how can I help you?” In a moment of clarity, I heard myself say, “I’m Rynda, I need help.” I could almost hear Albert smile on the other end of the line and he simply said, “It’s time for you to surrender, Rynda.” Open the floodgates, years of trying to do it on my own simply didn’t work and at that moment I knew intuitively that there was a ray of hope in the darkness.

The next morning I checked myself into detox. After a few weeks clean, a move back to California facilitated by some insightful gentleman in the music business, some bumps and emotional bruises and a “one more time” with a head full of 12 step, I got high for the last time and finally did surrender. That was July 10, 1992. Instead of running away from people and places I went in full steam ahead and stayed in the music business. I was in clubs and bars nightly for my work during my first 15 years of sobriety – for me I needed do know I could still have fun and have a LIFE. I built a strong support system in my 12 step program and I was lucky enough to find a group of musicians and friends that were on the path of recovery as well – many of them still sober to this day. That was what I was searching for all along, to have great friends and to feel alive.

Even though I was highly functioning in my career, for many years behind the scenes I still struggled with deep periods of depression. Desperate after about 3 years sober, I went on doctor prescribed medication. I share this because it so common to still have mental health issues in recovery that I believe no amount of spiritual work and community support can remedy if your body and brain are not functioning properly. Meds did the trick for a bit (after the laborious process of finding the right one!) but like many drugs they stopped working and I wasn’t willing to up the dose. Also, the more I learned about pharmaceuticals and how many actually stop the brain’s normal function, the more I wanted to get off of them.

I started doing research, A LOT of research, years in fact. I read gazillions of books on nutrition, neuroscience, and biochemistry, took multiple online courses, attended workshops, worked with functional medicine doctors and tried a myriad of healing modalities. I was constantly searching for an answer to feel better. The utter fear of crashing and rebound depression crippled me for a long time, but after all of the work I did I knew I just had to support my entire body and it would be ok. Three years ago I was house sitting at a recording studio in Joshua Tree and I made the decision that it was time. I followed a specific nutrition and supplement plan that I had devised through my research that would replace and support the function of the exact medication I was on. Guess what, IT WORKED. The doctor says “clinical depression in full remission”; I say I’m simply not depressed like that anymore!

Today, I continue to do all the things that kept me clean and sober in the first place – 12-step meetings, community and spiritual connection. I focus on staying mindful with a lot of cognitive self talk to keep me in check and some meditative breath work. Just as important is the addition of light exercise, a fine-tuned nutrition plan and mood balancing supplements that was a game changer for my mental health. It was so life changing in fact – that became the spark for my new company VRYeveryday. Now, my entire mission is to help other people struggling with addiction and mental health issues find real relief with natural remedies, because I know they can work. It’s hard to condense 25+ years of recovery into a short story, but let’s just say compared to the grey cold world of addiction, recovery is in vivid Technicolor! Even with bouts of depression and life’s roller-coaster ride it’s worth every single moment.

My name is Rynda, I surrendered. I went from a life of addiction to recovery to Happy, Joyous, and Free – and so can you.

Top 5 Recovery Tools
1-BUILD A FOUNDATION I built a solid foundation in 12 step work and circles. It is still my main source and basic staple for recovery. Meetings help with the connection and community necessary for recovery.
2-PHYSICAL SELF CARE Physical self-care, nutrition and supplements were a game changer for me. If I’m not supporting my body and brain in a healthy manner depression and anxiety creep up and I isolate and that takes me farther away from the path of recovery. Also, newest level up practice is using the Pranayama breath-work ios app by Saagara.
3-CONNECTION My close circle of friends and sober sisters. I’ve really worked hard to cultivate deep and lasting friendships, people that I can count on, and can count on me. That has meant letting some people out of my life as well.
4-STAY CREATIVE Stay creative. It’s imperative for me to stay creative, even if I’m working on a project that doesn’t seem “creative” I approach it creatively. I also try to go to community events and engage with creativity in all that I do – part of that is spiritual.
5-READ BOOKS There are many books that have helped me along the way, I often go back and read chapters out of them when I need to be reminded or need more insight. I have a partial list here.

Introducing VRYeveryday!

Well in a twist of events I’ve launched a new company! ~ Rynda

VRYeveryday was founded with the mission to help support emotional wellness, mental health and biochemical recovery using nutrition, supplements and various wellness modalities. Our initial supplement line helps with mood, sleep and cravings.

Details~~~> VRYeveryday

Presenting The Afghan Whigs In Spades Oracle Cards

Concept, Creative Direction, Video & Animation by Rynda Laurel.
Art by Ramon Rodrigues
Music by The Afghan Whigs


Another Century Records – Strategic Marketing & Partnerships

I’m excited to be working with Another Century and their great artists. Will be looking to expand opportunities across the board. Check out the playlists below and get in touch if something strikes your fancy, guarantee something will!  ~Rynda




SEE MORE VIDEOS AT: Another Century YouTube

The Afghan Whigs Announce In Spades

Sub Pop to release The Afghan Whigs In Spades, their spellbinding new album, worldwide on May 5th

in spades

Watch “Demon In Profile” (official video)


European Tour Begins May 26th
In Manchester, UK

The Afghan Whigs In Spades, the group’s spellbinding new album, will be available on CD / 180 gram-LP / CS / DL worldwide on May 5th from Sub Pop. The album, led by the single “Demon In Profile,” and standouts “Oriole,” “Copernicus,” “Arabian Heights” and “Toy Automatic,” is the follow-up the band’s internationally acclaimed Do to the Beast.  In Spades, written and produced by Greg Dulli, was recorded in New Orleans, Los Angeles, Memphis and Joshua Tree.

The album is a searing and soulful rock effort that emphasizes its pop instincts while contrasting with the seductive themes found throughout.  From its evocative cover art to the troubled spirits haunting its halls, In Spades casts a spell that challenges the listener to unpack its dark metaphors and spectral imagery. “It’s a spooky record,” notes Greg Dulli, Afghan Whigs’ songwriter and frontman. “I like that it’s veiled. It’s not a concept album per se, but as I began to assemble it, I saw an arc and followed it. To me it’s about memory – in particular, how quickly life and memory can blur together.”

Earlier today, The Afghan Whigs’ Dulli sat for an interview with BBC 6Music to premiere “Demon In Profile” and discuss In Spades [listen here].

The Afghan Whigs have also delivered a new video for “Demon In Profile,” directed by longtime collaborator Phil Harder [watch here].

In Spades is now available for preorder from Sub Pop, The Afghan Whigs official website, and select independent retailers [preorder here]. LP pre-orders will receive the “Loser” edition on 180-gram, white-chocolate vinyl (while supplies last). A new T-shirt design, along with cassette versions of The Afghan Whigs classic Sub Pop albums Up In It and Congregation, will also be available.

The Afghan Whigs have also announced their first set of dates in support of In Spades in Europe.  The band will visit 14 countries this summer including performances at Primavera Sound and Northside Festival.  Ed Harcourt will be supporting on all headline shows.

May 26 – Manchester, UK – Cathedral
May 27 – Glasgow, UK – ABC
May 28 – Dublin, IE – Academy
May 30 – London, UK – Koko
Jun. 01 – Barcelona, ES – Primavera Sound Festival
Jun. 03 – Bologna, IT – Zona Roveri
Jun. 04 – Zagreb, HR – Tvornica Kulture
Jun. 06 – Warsaw, PL – Palladium
Jun. 07 – Berlin, DE – Kesselhaus
Jun. 09 – Aarhus, DK – Northside Festival
Jun.10 – Oslo, NO – Vulkan
Jun.12 – Hamburg, DE – Gruenspan
Jun.13 – Frankfurt, DE – Batschkapp
Jun.14 – Antwerp, BE – Trix
Jun.15 – Brussels, BE – Ancienne Belgique
Aug. 04 – Vienna, AT – WUK
Aug. 05 – Prague, CZ – Lucerna Music Bar
Aug. 06 – Zurich, CH – Mascotte
Aug. 08 – Munich, DE – Backstage Halle
Aug. 09 – Amsterdam, NL – Paradiso

They’re BACK! Bong Load Records re-launches for 2016!

Proud to be working with Bong Load Custom Records!  ~Rynda



BLR CROP 2Bong Load Custom Records
25 years of High Quality

Celebrating its 25th anniversary, much to the rejoicing of indie music lovers and vinyl aficionados everywhere, Bong Load Records will once again start releasing quality music. The legendary indie label known for vinyl releases by Beck, The Eels, Elliott Smith, Fu Manchu, Richard Thompson, Wool, Kyuss and many more tastemaker artists, now adds The Killers, Mark Stoermer and Masters of Reality to their legacy.

“Here we go again! I’ve been thinking about re-launching the Bong Load vinyl pressings for years but when it hit me that the label was turning a quarter century old in 2016 there was no choice but to lift the hood and see what we could do.” producer and Bong Load Records owner Tom Rothrock explains.

The DIY label has set up operations in Las Vegas and among its first new offerings is a 10th anniversary vinyl reissue of The Killers Sam’s Town and a new Mark Stoermer album Dark ArtsRothrock says “It was important for us to come out of the gate with some local music and what better way to do it than with The Killers and Mark Stoermer?”

In keeping with the quality Bong Load Records is known for, The KillersSam’s Town is a fully re-mastered (from the source audio) double LP cut to play at 45 RPM and comes in classic black. Limited to 5,016 copies, its robust coffee table book layout adds to its uniqueness. Includes two bonus tracks, the never before heard Sam’s Town era demo Peace of Mind and the Pet Shop Boys Stars are Blazing Mix of Read My Mind. Limited pre-order available now.

Mark Stoermer’s second solo LP Dark Arts will be available August 12th on 180 gram trans green black smoke vinyl, sequentially numbered and limited to 516 copies, making this a very rare and highly collectable pressing. Available August 12, 2016.

Bong Load is also proudly reissuing a very special pressing of iconic Masters of Reality album Deep in the Hole. Featuring Chis Goss and luminary desert rock musicians such as Josh Homme, Dave Catching, Troy Van Leeuwen, Brendon McNichol, Nick Oliveri, Nick Lucero (all known for Queens of the Stoneage, Kyuss, Eagles of Death Metal) as well as Mark Lanegan and Roxy Saint. Originally released in 2001, this album was never issued on vinyl in the US. Limited to 1,016 copies. Available for pre-order August 26, 2016.

The Silver Load celebration will also include new, limited edition releases of classic Bong Load artists: two Elliot Smith LP’s (XO and Figure 8) and two Beck LP’s (Mellow Gold and Odelay, on its 20 year anniversary). Colored vinyl with posters included, sequentially numbered, these four releases are limited to 2,016 each. Available now.

All Bong Load releases will be available through the online store and hand picked influential independent retail shops in the US, UK and EU.

“We are so excited to honor the timeless albums from our past while welcoming new artists and projects to the label. From the beginnings in my bedroom in Los Angeles 25 years ago to now in the buzzing community of downtown Las Vegas, the ethic remains the same, put out music that will stand the test of time!” –Tom Rothrock

High quality audio, low quantity limited pressings.
If it ain’t a Bong Load Record, it’s just a plain ripoff.
facebook . instagram . twitter . @bongloadrecords


Greg Dulli announces 2016 solo tour.

dulli-web-admat-alldatesGreg Dulli will embark on an intimate solo tour, which will see him make stops in eleven different countries for a total of 32 shows beginning on February 6th in Galway, Ireland at Roisin Dubh and wrapping with two show engagement on April 1st & April 2nd at the Preservation Hall in New Orleans, LA.

‘An Evening With Greg Dulli’ will feature Dulli leading his stripped down band through a wide selection of songs encompassing his entire career along with debuting several new ones as well. The tour will be a limited run coming to smaller theatres, churches and a synagogue.

More info at

Also, download a free brand new track of Dulli’s version of the Sharon Van Etten song “A Crime” featuring guest vocalist Ani DiFranco


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Introducing Sonny Boy Thorn

What do Blind Melon, Awolnation, The Walking Dead and Dave Grohl have in common?The answer is Sonny Boy Thorn.

Version 3

Sonny Boy Thorn is a new project by guitarist-songwriter-producer Christopher Thorn of the multi-platinum Blind Melon and vocalist-songwriter Davie Dennis of the now defunct LA indie-rock band Voxhaul Broadcast.

Christopher and Davie met randomly at a radio station in 2008 and immediately struck up a friendship.  A few years later Christopher produced multiple songs for Voxhaul Broadcast at his studio in Silver Lake, including “You Are The Wilderness” which was featured on The Walking Dead soundtrack. No stranger behind the board, Thorn has produced albums for Anna Nalick (Wreck of The Day is certified gold) American MinorUnder The Influence of Giants (featuring Aaron Bruno), Chuck Ragan and Gateway Drugs to name a few.  “I felt lucky to be able to work with Voxhaul Broadcast.” says Thorn, “I thought Davie was one of the best singer-songwriters in Los Angeles.”

Thorn went on to co-produce Awolnation’s ubiquitous hit “Sail” and toured with them on guitar. In between their respective projects, Thorn and Dennis would hang out and listen to music together for hours. Eventually this turned into writing songs together and then late night recording sessions with friends. When Thorn left Awolnation and Voxhaul Broadcast disbanded the two decided it was time to work together and the duo, now called Sonny Boy Thorn, became a priority.

Christopher and Davie spent the next six months fine tuning and recording at Christopher’s studio Fireside Sound. The result is a 13 song soon-to-be-released album which includes top notch musicians Rami Jaffee (Foo Fighters, The Wallflowers), Matt Flynn (Maroon 5), Glen Graham (Blind Melon), Hayden Scott (Awolnation), Frank DiVanna (Trashcan Sinatras), and the legendary Jim Keltner.  Rounding out the live band is Tony Cupito and Daniel Curcio (formally Beware of Darkness).

With just a few live shows under their belt, the buzz is starting to build with fans, radio, and press. Coverage from Kevin Bronson’s Buzzbands LA and spins on Kat Corbett’s Locals Only on KROQ are just the beginning.

And the Dave Grohl connection? Watch this: CT performs with B!tch and Dave Grohl.


LISTEN: 4 songs up now at

WATCH: Sonny Boy Thorn‘s beautifully crafted video for Wild and Free directed by Gus Black. Set in Joshua Tree and Pioneertown with friends, family, fun, motorcycles, the desert light and guitars around the fire.

LIVE: Sonny Boy Thorn  Monday night residency during the month of July at The Satellite in Silver Lake. 

“Sonny Boy Thorn makes festival-ready classic rock with big grooves and modern influences — and just enough of the latter that the band doesn’t sound like it’s aping anybody from the ’90s or before.” ~Kevin Bronson Buzzbands LA

“Two friends who have found a creative and musical kinship where the music has a timely, as well as timeless, quality to it. “Wild and Free” embraces some of the most natural rhythms and guitar tones, spreads it’s wings in the spirit of an uninhibited existence and (along with Dennis’ always soulful and impassioned voice) aims to liberate the heart and soul just a little, one chord at a time.” ~High Voltage Magazine

SXSW BLOG: Audio Recap: Books Are The New Vinyl at SXSW 2015

Audio Recap: Books Are The New Vinyl at SXSW 2015

Written by Rory Burbeck | April 10, 2015

Speaker Rynda Laurel at SXSW 2015

As Chuck D. so wisely reminded us during the 2015 SXSW Music Conference, “Online, you could post something and it has the life of a mosquito. Meanwhile, [with a] physical book, it freezes the moment, it stays there. You could read a book from 1923 and it’s still gonna be the same damn book.”

This point brilliantly summarizes the discussion that took place during Books are the New Vinyl at SXSW Music. As the shift from print to digital has now begun en masse for books, there are certainly parallels that can already be drawn from the resurgence of vinyl in recent years.

We were lucky enough to have a really knowledgeable group of speakers – which included hip-hop artist Chuck D., author Danny Bland, singer-songwriter Frank Turner, Marc Gerald of The Agency Group and moderator Rynda Laurel (CEO of Catalyst) – elaborate on those parallels at SXSW last month.

So what does the future hold for the printed book? Listen to the full session below for some insight, and visit the official SXSW SoundCloud page to hear more audio from the 2015 SXSW Music Conference.



SXSW Books Are The New Vinyl Panel 3/20 – 5pm

Books Are The New Vinyl #Twitter post

Books are the New Vinyl

Friday, March 20
5:00PM – 6:00PM

Austin Convention Center
Room 16AB
Austin Convention Center

As the digital age sucks more and more books into your iPad or Kindle, the need to have the physical in front of you that you can touch and feel and look at becomes an obsession. Yes, we want e-books and audio books, but just as the resurgence of vinyl has created a new cult status, so will the printed book, beautiful in all it’s physical glory. Interesting stories, innovative ideas and visual content demands a physical component.

Hashtags  #sxsw #BooksMatter

Marc Gerald @TheAgencyGroup
Moderator: @Rynda


All Music Books 5 Questions ?

Must-read music book reviews. By fans. For fans.

Today, “Five Questions” are put to Rynda Laurel, who will be moderating a panel at the upcoming SXSW entitled Books Are The New Vinyl. We wholeheartedly agree with that notion and spoke to her prior to her event, which features Public Enemy’s Chuck D., author and musician Danny Bland, singer/songwriter Frank Turner, who has just released a book, and literary agent Marc Gerald. The discussion will take place on Friday, March 20 at the Austin Convention Center at 5:00 PM.
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The death of vinyl was obviously premature. Books have also received that death knell. Why do you think it’s too early to give up on printed books?

I think there was a death of vinyl for a short time and then it was resurrected when music lovers realized they really missed the entire art package that went along with the album. Then movements likeRecord Store Day created more awareness and it became a matter of supply and demand. I think the same thing is happening in the book space. There are still books that you’d rather just read on your ipad/kindle (like listening to something digitally) but there is a quality that is missed with holding the art in your hands and having it on your coffee table —  especially when it comes to books that feature art, poetry, photography, story telling with images, and soon social media content in physical form.

There’s a time and place for everything. MP3’s and e-readers are great for bus or subway commuting, running or flying, But it’s not the same as curling up with a good book and a record in front of the fire — as you mentioned, it’s just a different experience. The question is does today’s audience have the time, desire or attention span to do that?

I’m looking at this much more as a visceral and visual experience, and yes I think we miss that. Look at it this way: one listens to iTunes or a streaming service in the background all day, it’s a third screen experience really. But when one pulls a vinyl record off the shelf and places the needle in the groove and that rich sound comes out (or even just looks at the art!) it is a completely different experience — it’s a connection. In this super connected world, we are still craving real connection. The same happens with a physical book. It does something different to us neurologically and emotionally to engage in the physical realm. I think people will crave it and make the time.

It seems like there’s a takeaway for everyone; publishers, writers and consumers. Things like deluxe packaging, bonus content and self-publishing seem to be the wave of the future for books, as they have served as contributions to the resurgence in vinyl? Agree? Any other similarities?

Yes, I think artist will be artists, and creatively there are a million ways to express art. Pop music and digital singles aside, most fans that love an album love the artwork and are hungry for more content and more beautiful design. We’ve already seen this with the deluxe sets and amazing album art as you mentioned. Smart publishers, artists, managers and record labels can extend this into the publishing world with beautiful, innovative, interesting content the artist is already creating, or encouraged to create, curated into a physical form.

You mentioned how some artists are using social media-inspired content to create physical books. Can you elaborate on this concept?

Yes, a fine example is Danny Bland & Greg Dulli’s haiku/photography book I Apologize in Advance for the Awful Things I’m Gonna Do from Subpop. Most of the haiku were taken from Danny’s daily Facebook posts, and most of the photography was taken from Greg Dulli’s Instagram account. Combined together they make a dark beautiful book.

By pure coincidence (as I had this panel approved last year) I am starting an Artist, Entertainment and Lifestyle division with My Social Books. My Social Books allows anyone to create books based on Facebook and Instagram content. We’ve decided to take this a step further and get the artists and entertainers involved to not only have creative control, but to share in the revenue stream!  I’m really excited about this venture for the artists and for the fans! Fans can follow along on our newly created twitter account @mysocialbooksAEL and artists who are interested can contact me via twitter @rynda.

Can you give us some teasers as to what insight someone like Chuck D. might have to offer to your panel and its audience?

Besides being a genius? Chuck is considered one of the top MC’s and Hip-Hop lyricists of all time. He is an entrepreneur beyond Public Enemy with his online Radio platform Rap Station and his digital distribution company SPITDigital and he has started Enemy Books. Enemy Books is in its infancy stages and will no doubt expand hip-hop culture and icons into the digital and physical book realm. Chuck will also be one of the first releases through the AEL division of My Social Book with content based on the Facebook posts during the Hip Hop Gods tour through The Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame. We will launch it next week and offer a special SXSW discount so follow @mysocialbookael @rynda and @mrchuckd for details!

Last but not least, follow along on social media #sxsw #BooksMatter or #NewVinyl. Join the conversation maybe we’ll make a book out of it. 🙂

#sxsw #booksarethenewvinyl #ryndalaurel #chuckd #publicenemy #dannybland #gregdulli #subpop #facebook #instagram


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Russell Brand to miss SxSW Keynote with Brain Solis. My thoughts & why I care.

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 2.40.21 PMAlthough I am very disappointed that Russell Brand will not be attending SXSW I support his decision. Who cares what I think? Well, because I conceived and coordinated the “Russell Brand’s Revolution Will Be Televised” interview with Brian Solis at SXSW in the first place many many people have been asking me….

My reasons for wanting Russell at SXSW to talk about Revolution were altruistic in nature, I wanted his current message to reach even more people. I watch The Trews almost daily and am sometimes in awe of his his uncanny ability to take really serious issues, explain the source of conflict, expose some truths, make us think and of course make us laugh.

I should note that I reached out to Russell directly with the idea to talk at SXSW well before I knew there was a film.  Things seemed to line up perfectly, I asked Brian Solis who was exited about it, I got his contact info from a friend and then I randomly ended up in his LA based Yoga class (which I had no prior knowledge of his involvement there). I know this is what Jung calls synchronicity and it happens to me often when things are supposed to happen. I put a lot of thought into the subject matter and had it all spelled out. Russell agreed to it immediately and we were off… fast forward to his announcement today.

When Russell called me to tell me why he was not coming (and yes he actually called me because our correspondence had been direct and he is a stand up gentlemen behind that wacky persona), I understood his dilemma completely. He was finding it difficult to watch the film that was also premiering in Austin and although what we had setup had nothing to do with it, it was connected by circumstance. I understand because on a more personal level I share his journey of recovery and desire for self realization – the goal being to go from an empty self centered person using drugs and alcohol to fill the void, to a self aware person integrating love and spiritual principals to feel connected to humanity. I can’t imagine sitting through a movie of myself during such a journey and his is a million times more intense and public.

Yes, I am disappointed, but ultimately I support Russell and his evolution to revolution.

Thank you to Nik Linnen, Brian Solis and Jessica Cox at SXSW for everything.


Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 2.38.56 PM




SXSW Statement

Some time ago when I was a newly recovering junkie sinking my teeth into succulent transatlantic fame we were contacted by a respected filmmaker who asked if I’d like to make a documentary about happiness and I leapt, ego first into a caper that would take 7 years and as many directors to complete.

Due primarily to my loopy truculence the process quickly got a bit muddled and we parted ways and I stumbled on with the project enlisting a series of different directors and producers, some of whom were dear friends, others were Oscar winners (all were good people) to do the real graft. It was chaos; we ended up in US Marine training camps, Louisiana penitentiaries, Occupy protests and backstage at MTV award shows with the world’s biggest stars.

Over the sprawling time period in which we’d been in production I’d transitioned from an attention-seeking missile, exploding into exhibitionism at every turn, into a man who, whilst still a show-off, was becoming disillusioned and disconnected from fame, celebrity and all it’s sticky ephemera.

When it was suggested that Ondi Timoner, the highly respected filmmaker who directed one of my favorite docs, “Dig!” take over the project I was relieved – as were the film’s, by now understandably anxious backers.

I let go of my mad ambition to direct and star in what had become a shambles and handed the reigns over to Ondi, who wanted creative control and to make a documentary about me and my transition from a relatively conventional celebrity to whatever the hell it is I am now.

Ondi is a very beautiful person and a director of peerless integrity, I suppose what I didn’t consider was that in letting go of the film, I was agreeing to be the subject of a biography. Posthumously this is a great honor but while you’re alive, oddly intrusive and melancholy.

You’d think a narcissist would like nothing more than talking about themselves and their “rags to riches”, “hard luck” story but actually, it felt like, to me, my life was hard enough the first time round and going through it again was painful and sad.

I know Ondi is an artist and I’m told the film is good but for me watching it was very uncomfortable.

I apologise sincerely to the organisers of sxsw for my non-attendance, especially Janet Pierson, Brian Solis and Rynda Laurel from the interactive festival who were responsible for the keynote talk that I was due to do.



SXSW Music Conference Spotlight: Books are the New Vinyl

Music Conference Spotlight: Books are the New Vinyl
Written by Andy Flynn | February 13, 2015

Photos (l-r): Frank Turner, Chuck D

Consider the recent surge in vinyl sales, and how book publishers could take a cue from the record business to apply savvy tactics to ensure that physical books find their audience. On Friday, March 20 at the SXSW Music Conference, a compelling group of speakers will speak on the panel Books Are The New Vinyl.

Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Chuck D continues to stir up culture via rap, public speaking and writing.Danny Bland has shared his unvarnished tales of life on the road in In Case We Die and I Apologize In Advance For The Awful Things I’m Gonna Do. Noted English singer-songwriter Frank Turner is currently assembling a memoir of his touring stories. Artist manager and SXSW veteran Rynda Laurelmoderates and literary agent Marc Gerald rounds out the panel.

Books offer distinct joys as physical objects. The visual and sensory experience are unique and important. Explore the topic further at SXSW Music – today, Friday, February 13, the final day toregister before rates increase to full price.

Andy Flynn is the creator of The Daily Chord, a collection of pertinent stories from the worlds of music.

Frank Turner photo courtesy of the speaker
Chuck D photo Jesse Knish


sxsw 2015 sotlight booksarethenewvinyl 1 sxsw 2015 sotlight booksarethenewvinyl 2

My thoughts on Gentlemen at 21 and The Afghan Whigs. ~Rynda

Afghan Whigs - do to the beast_wolf-squareThe Afghan Whigs returned in 2012 to continue the relationship with the dedicated fans who stayed enamored during the band’s long break, which thankfully, was never a break-up. As fans, we have experienced every gut-wrenching lyric, every dark foreboding feeling, and every celebration of the sensuality of life expressed so intensely by an artist that will always be our one true dark love. The Afghan Whigs are known for songs about self-examination, brutal honesty, storytelling, drama, love and sexuality all wrapped into one beautiful ongoing musical relationship.  No one quite grabs the intensity of feeling lyrically like Greg Dulli. Nor is there another person that can transform a cover song into his own unique vision until it’s ghost is still there but it is no longer recognizable simply because it has been infused by his energy.It doesn’t matter where we are in our lives there is an Afghan Whigs song that matches it. We opened Up In It, became a part of the Congregation, cried to Gentlemen, stepped into the light during Black Love and danced a sexy groove to 1965.

Just in time to save us from our adult selves, The Afghan Whigs continued their legacy with the 2014 release of Do To The Beast. Like us they have grown more wise and morphed into the present moment with an album as full of intricacies as our own psyche. Do To The Beast surprises at every listen and sinks deeper and deeper into the corners of the soul, shedding light on things we don’t want to see but won’t dare to turn away from. It is a journey between dark and light with the ever present feeling that Greg Dulli is once again saying out loud what we cannot.


Now, twenty-one years later, like an old flame coming back into our lives, we will see the reissue of Gentlemen.

We remember bits and pieces of the joys of life, the first meeting, the first kiss, the moments when everything seemed perfect. We also remember the feelings that ripped our heart out for the first time, or maybe the second and third time, or maybe just last week. Anyone who has listened to and really heard Gentlemen gets transported back to those moments the second the first note of every song starts. It’s that good, that deep, that moving, that honest. Lyrically expressed like no other, a foreshadowing cover photograph and the music resonating with high emotional frequency, this album is the perfect evocation of the divine chaos and downfall of love. It is not nostalgia that makes us feel this way, this album is now embedded in our subconscious and has become part of our DNA. Gentlemen at 21 is a like a journal that we may have re-read many times over the years, but now, like little love letters lost and found, there is more to explore. It is as if a box full of souvenirs is being set in our lap and if we choose we can cathartically relive every one of those moments slightly different than the hundreds of thousands of times we listened before. We will also find upon further self-examination that even if our lives have changed drastically in twenty-one years, the core of what brought us to embrace Gentlemen is still in our heart and in our head, it’s in in our love and in our bed.

I am honored every day to work with these gentlemen and truly grateful they have become life-long friends.

~Rynda Laurel
October 27th, 2014

SXSW 2015 Books Are The New Vinyl w/ Rynda, Chuck D & Danny Bland!

SXSW 15 Books Rynda Chuck DannyBooks are the new vinyl.

As the digital age sucks more and more books into your iPad or Kindle, the need to have the physical in front of you that you can touch and feel and look at becomes an obsession. Yes, we want e-books and audio books, but just as the resurgence of vinyl has created a new cult status, so will the printed book, beautiful in all it’s physical glory. Interesting stories, innovative ideas and visual content demands a physical component. Rynda Laurel (curator) will discuss the topic with Chuck D (Public Enemy/Enemy Books) and Awful Things & In Case We Die Author Danny Bland (Subpop, Fantagraphics) and maybe a surprise guest or two.


awful things 456x456Topics Covered:

Where do you start? How to motivate and get to the end product.

How easy is it to publish a book – digital or physical?

How and why to come up with innovative content ideas. (Like a haiku photo book?)

Why partnerships with art galleries, fan funding, crowd sourced books, and collaborations are the future.

How and why are record labels getting into the act? (Like Subpop and Third man Books)






The Afghan Whigs’ Release Gentlemen at 21 Deluxe Anniversary Editon

Gentlemen at 21
Rhino To Release 21st Anniversary Edition Of The Afghan Whigs Album ‘Gentlemen’

In the original 1993 biography for the album, Dulli commented: “It was a bad year for me and some of my friends, in terms of relationships and dealing with some of my own little ghosts. A year of just some kinds of remembrances and stuff that I guess I will never be able to forget, especially since I wrote it all down and made a record out of it.” 21 years later, we’re still all glad he did.


Deluxe Edition Of Landmark Album Features Remastered Audio Along
With Rare B-Sides, Live Performances And Previously Unreleased Demos

Available On CD, Vinyl, And Digitally On October 28th

If there is one album fully deserving of a coming of age celebration, it is The Afghan Whigs Gentlemen. Since its original release in October of 1993, Gentlemen’s lore has grown in stature as fans new and old continue to embrace the album. 33 1/3 published a book about the album in 2008 and Stereogum proclaimed just last month, “From its bombastic opening to its understated end, Gentlemen remains a fine example of what exactly independent rock music is capable of accomplishing.”

Rhino are proud to present the deluxe editions of the band’s landmark album with GENTLEMEN AT 21. The release features the original album newly remastered along with bonus content consisting of rare B-Sides, live performances and previously unreleased demos. In the UK, GENTLEMEN AT 21 will be released by Mute.

GENTLEMEN AT 21 presents the original record’s 11 tracks, updated but still retaining the 1993 album’s blistering swagger. The same 11 tracks that have made a visceral connection with fans over the last 21 years – the deeply dark and confessional lyrical content, the no-frills production qualities, and Greg Dulli’s soul-baring vocal performances captured on tape. In addition GENTLEMEN AT 21 includes all the original demos for the album, which were recorded at John Curley’s Ultrasuede studio space in Cincinnati. These eight tracks show the stark foundation of the songs, giving a deep insight into the creation of the album while at the same time revealing some remarkable moments caught on tape.

The bonus material also includes the original Debonair single b-sides, including “Mr. Superlove” and a cover of the southern blue-eyed soul classic “Dark End of the Street,” along with three songs recorded live for KTCL in Denver, previously issued on the What Jail Is Like EP. The set comes packaged with a faithful reproduction of the original sleeve art and its striking front cover image, a homage to Nan Goldin’s iconic “Nan and Brian in Bed, New York City,” that has proven to elicit just as profound a connection for the fans as the music on the album.

GENTLEMEN AT 21 arrives on October 28th as a 2-CD set for $19.98, digitally for $14.99 as well as the single original remastered LP for $24.98. A triple LP deluxe edition with the bonus material will be issued on November 28 on 180-gram vinyl for Record Store Day at $59.98.

Recorded in Memphis at Ardent Studios and originally released by Elektra Records on October 5th 1993, the album was the band’s major label debut after recording two full-length albums for Sub Pop. In the original 1993 biography for the album, Dulli commented: “It was a bad year for me and some of my friends, in terms of relationships and dealing with some of my own little ghosts. A year of just some kinds of remembrances and stuff that I guess I will never be able to forget, especially since I wrote it all down and made a record out of it.” 21 years later, we’re still all glad he did.


Disc One
1. “If I Were Going”
2. “Gentlemen”
3. “Be Sweet”
4. “Debonair”
5. “When We Two Parted”
6. “Fountain And Fairfax”
7. “What Jail Is Like”
8. “My Curse”
9. “Now You Know”
10. “I Keep Coming Back”
11. “Brother Woodrow/Closing Prayer”

Disc Two
The Demos
1. “If I Were Going”
2. “Gentlemen”
3. “Be Sweet”
4. “Debonair”
5. “When We Two Parted”
6. “Fountain And Fairfax”
7. “What Jail Is Like”
8. “My Curse”
9. “Now You Know”
10. “Brother Woodrow”
The B-Sides
11. “Little Girl Blue”
12. “Ready”
13. “Mr. Superlove”
14. “Dark End Of The Street”
15. “What Jail Is Like” (Live)
16. “Now You Know” (Live)
17. “My World Is Empty Without You/I Hear A Symphony” (Live)

Tracks 1-8 Demos Recorded At Ultrasuede
Tracks 9-10 Instrumental Rough Mixes, Ardent Studios
Tracks 15-17 Recorded Live For KTCL At The Mercury Café, Denver, CO, May 10th, 1994

#ChuckD140c -The Black In Man – Chuck D MP3 Album Featuring Mavis Staples.

Chuck D Black in ManMore than honored to have helped Mr Chuck D sort through his 30K tweets to find the intro and outro to his new album.

Get your copy here:





Here are the words:


Twitter 140 characters

I DIG tweeting thought AND culture on this thing. It amazes me how so many people waste this great connect of technology  

Thin line between a mogul and a mongrel.

@ Mr. Chuck D

I am no Twidot, I refuse to be a Twidiot.


Fight The Power . Technology of the worldwide connection of likemindedness is unraveling the power of governments as we know it.Thus Governments of all types will resort to caveman like mass bloodshed to maintain control over human beings. If there was a millennium revolution . Check the historical record…check the prison and military agendas. Govts will do anything…FTP





Awful Things-Photos by Greg Dulli & Haiku by Danny Bland? Yes please.



We’re beside ourselves with glee about publishing I Apologize in Advance for the Awful Things I’m Gonna Do, a collection of haiku by celebrated author and musician Danny Bland on September 22nd in Europe and September 23rd in North America. …Awful Things… features photography by Greg Dulli (leader of The Afghan Whigs and The Twilight SIngers) and calligraphy by Exene Cervenka (co-founder of the band X) and is a 120-page, full-color, paperback edition. …Awful Things… originated from work that Bland has posted to his Facebook page, presented here with Dulli’s photographs, some of which appear on his Instagram feed. By capturing these elements in print, …Awful Things… rescues this material from slipping away downstream in their respective online feeds. Combining the profane and profound, the irreverent and touching, the hilarious and beautiful, …Awful Things… is the perfect hybrid art piece, or complementary physical artifact of these sources.

I Apologize in Advance for the Awful Things I’m Gonna Do is now available for preorder through the Sub Pop Mega Mart, Amazon and Insound. And, preorders of …Awful Things… at the Sub Pop Mega Mart will come with a free 6” x 8” print from the book, autographed by both Danny Bland and Greg Dulli (while supplies last).

About Danny Bland:
once a year he still
romanticizes bushmills
and fair-skinned lasses
Bland is the author of the novel In Case We Die (2013, Fantagraphics Books), as well as a longtime musician (former member of Sub Pop bands Cat Butt, Dwarves, Best Kissers in the World) and tour manager. This is his first book of poetry, but please don’t call it that.

About Greg Dulli:
dark prince, bon vivant
or is he just a mistake
you haven’t made, yet

Dulli is the leader of The Afghan Whigs and The Twilight Singers. He makes a living exorcising demons (read more at at SubPop).

Rynda Creativity and Inspiration Mentor at SXSW V2V

Screen shot 2014-07-06 at 12.33.16 AM

Get the most out of your V2V experience by participating in The Mentor Program. Benefit from the knowledge of an established professional and gain seven minutes of focused, one-on-one career council.


Who says there aren’t Women in Tech? Not Silicon Beach Fest

10500275_10152542658245269_2557514044041664909_nThanks again to the many women who shared their insights and experience at Silicon Beach Fest in June. Approximately 1 in 3 of the more than 350 speakers at SBF were women, which has gotta be a record for a tech conference. And this is most likely the largest number of women to speak at an LA startup tech event.

The Women’s Track doubled from four all-women panels planned initially, up to eight, thanks to the interest of more women who wanted to get involved: VCs and Investors, Women Founders, Fundraising form a Female Perspective, Women Developers, How to Get More Women Into Tech, PR for Startups, Politics and Social Media, Building a Business around Moms.

-Kevin Winston – Digital LA

Rynda Moderating SBF Social Media Influencers Panel

2014 Silicon Beach Fest Summer

Silicon Beach Fest Summer 2014

Meet Local Social Media Influencers
June 20th at 4:00 pm
General Assembly Santa Monica

~Rynda Laurel, @rynda, Creative Executive (Moderator)
~Marsha Collier, Social Media Commerce for Dummies, Author
~Jason Okuma, JATI, Founder and CEO
~Calvin Lee, Mayhem Studios, Designer and Brand Strategist

Join our panel where local social media influencers, who personally have more than 200,000 combined Twitter followers, will share tactical social media tips that startups and small businesses can use to promote their brand, build buzz, and engage customers. Startups and entertainment projects typically don’t have large budgets for marketing and PR, so many use social media tools including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more to build their brand, reach new and existing customers, do customer service, and engage communities. Speakers will give practical hands on tips on how to best use Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media tools with direct applications for your startup or indie project.

Don’t Miss: MusiCares MAP Fund 2014: OZZY OZBOURNE


The 10th anniversary MusiCares MAP Fund benefit concert will honor GRAMMY-winning Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne and owner and CEO of the Village studios Jeff Greenberg at Club Nokia in Los Angeles on May 12.

Osbourne will be honored with the Stevie Ray Vaughan Award for his dedication and support of the MusiCares MAP Fund, and for his commitment to helping other addicts with the addiction recovery process. Greenberg will receive MusiCares’ From the Heart Award for his unconditional friendship and dedication to the mission and goals of the organization. All proceeds will benefit the MusiCares MAP Fund, which provides members of the music community access to addiction recovery treatment regardless of their financial situation.

Continuing to celebrate the memory of the late DJ AM, the evening’s DJ will be Mix Master Mike. There will also be a performance by Osbourne and his touring band with special guest Slash. Additional performers will be announced shortly.

“Ten years ago MusiCares merged with the Musicians’ Assistance Program, originally founded by Buddy Arnold, to create the MusiCares MAP Fund,” said Neil Portnow, President/CEO of The Recording Academy and MusiCares. “Since then our addiction recovery resources and programs have grown substantially, and this annual benefit provides a meaningful way to recognize artists and industry professionals who are on the frontlines in the battle to fight this crippling disease. It’s an honor to celebrate Ozzy and Jeff in our 10th anniversary year, and we know it will be an extraordinary evening filled with heartfelt words and serious rock and roll.”

“I know firsthand about the ravages of addiction and I also know that the MusiCares MAP Fund is a vital safety net for people in the music industry who need help with substance abuse,” said Osbourne. “This organization literally saves lives.”

“I’ve been lucky to spend my life in the music business doing things that I love,” said Greenberg. “But I’ve also seen the serious and, all too often, fatal effects of addiction in our industry, so that’s why I am an ardent supporter of the MusiCares MAP Fund.”

Osbourne’s career has spanned more than four decades as both a solo artist and as the lead singer of metal icons Black Sabbath, and includes three GRAMMY wins and an induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. In June 2013 Black Sabbath released their critically acclaimed album 13, which debuted at No. 1 in 13 countries and was the first studio album in 35 years to feature original Black Sabbath members Geezer Butler, Tony Iommi and Osbourne. At the 56th GRAMMY Awards on Jan. 26, the group won a GRAMMY for Best Metal Performance for the album’s lead single “God Is Dead?”

Beyond his music career, Osbourne is a best-selling author (I Am Ozzy, 2010; Trust Me, I’m Dr. Ozzy: Advice From Rock’s Ultimate Survivor, 2011), an advice columnist (The Sunday TimesThe London Times and Rolling Stone) and among the first rockers to have a celebrity reality television program with “The Osbournes.”

Owner and CEO of the Village studios in West Los Angeles, Greenberg was managing his first rock band at 19. He went on to produce some of the very first skateboarding events, and 1978’s Cal Jam II (one of the biggest one-day festivals in history). Greenberg subsequently booked and promoted concerts for Nederlander venues such as the Greek Theatre. He later became a talent agent for ICM where, with Tom Ross, he represented artists such as Aerosmith, Fleetwood Mac, Heart, Barry Manilow, Linda Ronstadt, and Santana, among others.

The Village has produced many of the most iconic albums of the past half-century, including those by Eric Clapton, Coldplay, Dr. Dre, Elton John, Janet Jackson, Lady Gaga, Ozzy Osbourne, Pink Floyd, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and the Rolling Stones, among others. The complex, located in a 1922 Masonic Temple, hosts many events for artists and organizations such as The Recording Academy. Greenberg is past president and current director of the Society of Professional Audio Recording Services, a Producers & Engineers Wing Advisory Board member, and Governor and current Secretary of The Recording Academy Los Angeles Chapter. Greenberg was also one of the original board members of the Musicians’ Assistance Program.

For MusiCares MAP Fund benefit concert special dinner and concert ticket information, contact Wynnie Wynne 310.392.3777 or General admission seats will be made available via AXS.

2 Panels at Canadian Music Week, Social and More Social.

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 10.30.47 PM Breaking and Marketing An Artist In a World of Social


As the latecomers jump onboard the social bandwagon, many trailblazers are speculating that the boat has sailed. Social media platforms are often seen as the tool to enable music discovery, sales, and grow a fan base. Can others prove a surprise album release successful with zero advertising and just a couple of tweets like Beyoncé? Do social tools and marketing “gimmicks” work for an artist on the cusp of breaking in the music industry, or are they relevant mostly to those that are established?

This panel of social, artist marketing, and fan experts will dig in to the key issues and considerations for artists at all levels in their social and online marketing strategies.

Moderator: Rynda Laurel

Antti Silventionen (Music Kickup)
James Trauzzi (Last Gang Records)
Julie Yannatta (Sandbag)
Kavi Halemane (The Collective)
Keith Hagan (SKH Music)


Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 10.31.01 PMLive Shows & Social Media

We know the obvious – a fan can’t buy a ticket if they don’t know about a show. With the impact of traditional advertising shrinking and many marketing budgets almost non-existent, social media is a great and affordable tool to promote shows and tours. Social Media and Live Events are a crucial relationship not just for ticket sales, but for the ability to react, get information, and for the growth of both the event and the artist(s) involved. This panel will discuss the roles the promoter and artist’s team are responsible for, and the challenges to engaging fans on social before, during, and after a live show.

Moderator: Steve Daly

Chris Campbell (Global Spectrum/Budwiser Gardens)
Ian Noble (City Parks Foundation)
Lindsay Hyslop (Universal Music Canada)
Nick Huper (ICS Festival Service GMBH)
Pat Sandrin (Evenko)



Rynda at Digital Entertainment World: Shake It Up: Music Video Strategies


Digital Entertainment World
February 2014

Shake It Up: Music Video Strategies for Promotion and Monetization

From Gangnam Style to Harlem Shake, the unexpected viral success of music videos is having an impact on how the medium is viewed as a promotional and monetizable tool. Recognizing that YouTube plays a vital role in defining hit songs often ahead of radio, Billboard now incorporates data on YouTube views as one of three metrics used to calculate the Billboard Hot 100 chart. This panel will discuss the importance of online video as a promotional and monetizable tool for the music industry.

Cathal Furey, Founder and CEO, FanFootage
Alexis Giles, Co-Founder and VP of Business Development, MOX
Kavi Halemane, EVP, Digital, The Collective
J Scavo, SVP, Interactive Marketing, e-Commerce & Fan Services, Warner Bros. Records

The Afghan Whigs To Release New Album On Sub Pop


Afghan Whigs Do To The Beast cover

The Afghan Whigs To Release Their First
New Album In Sixteen Years On Sub Pop

Do To The Beast
Will Be Released Worldwide On April 14th & 15th

Appearing At Coachella On April 11th & 18th

Sub Pop is beyond thrilled to announce that The Afghan Whigs will mark their return to the label with Do To The Beast their first new album in 16 years, on April 14th in Europe and April 15th in North America via Sub Pop.

Additional release information will be available soon.

The Afghan Whigs will perform at this year’s sold-out Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival on Friday April 11th and Friday April 18th, 2014.

# # # 

Enter Mr Danny Bland, Author of In Case We Die

Bland_In_Case_We_DieIn Case We Die by Danny Bland  “A suitably Peckinpah finale. Bravo. It has been like a traveling dream state and sometimes familiar look into the abyss.” — Greg Dulli

Considering the interchange of clients and friends involved in Danny Bland’s audio version of “In Case We Die” it is only natural for me to jump on board to help spread the word about this dark, daring and brilliantly written book.

Audiobook for the novel “In Case We Die” featuring chapter reads by Greg Dulli, Aimee Mann, Duff McKagan, Donal Logue, Lee Ving, Wayne Kramer, Mark Arm, Eddie Spaghetti, John Doe, Rob Delaney, Lou Beach, Steve Earle, Jacob Pitts, Dave Alvin, Blag Dahlia, Tony Fitzpatrick, Mark Boone Jr., Damien Echols, Marc Maron, Tom Hansen, John Sinclair, Dana Gould, Lew Temple, Mike McCready, Rachel Flotard and more.  A portion of the proceeds goes directly to MusiCares.

Available now. Details:


Rynda featured in 51 Female Music Entrepreneurs



It’s Not Who You Know, It’s Who Knows You

Rynda LaurelRynda Laurel
“Your reputation and actions will say more about you than you ever can. Develop authentic working relationships with people and they will remember and respect you. Be confident without arrogance, be knowledgeable but open to learning, be steadfast in your goal but open to change. Ultimately, create a network of people who know who you are and like who they know.”
Founder & CEO, 1968media


Tech talent judge for Talenthouse / Tech Zulu.

Rynda will be a tech talent judge for the Talenthouse Tech Zulu Hackathon!

Friday, June 7, 2013 at 6:00 PM
– to –
Saturday, June 8, 2013 at 11:30 PM (PDT)Talenthouse HQ
8810 Melrose Avenue
West Hollywood, CA 90069
As creators, developers, and hackers, we love a good challenge and even more so with time restrictions. We also enjoy spending weekends in front of the computer working on new projects or building the next mobile app. It’s our fuel. Myself included. The West Hollywood based team over at Talenthouse feels the same way. With us all in agreement on how we enjoy spending our weekends, there’s only one thing to do…hackathon!We here at TechZulu put our heads together with the people at Talenthouse to bring you an exciting weekend of hacking, music, food, art, and Hollywood quality entertainment. The event will focus on solutions driving creative discovery and sharing of art. Talenthouse will be opening up their platform containing over 20 million pieces of creative to assist participants in their development.The hackathon will take place the evening of June 7th & all day June 8th at the amazing Talenthouse offices in West Hollywood. After a weekend of hacking we’ll have awards for the best/most exciting projects selected by an all-star cast of judges. This is Hollywood after all people.


June 7th – Friday – Day 1

6:00 pm Dinner & Networking
7:00 pm Welcome & Speakers
8:00 pm Team Formation
11:00 pm Time For Rest

June 8th – Saturday – Day 2

7:00 am Wake-up! Breakfast Time!
12:00 pm Lunch
5:00 pm Final 60-Min Mark
6:00 pm Dinner & Presentations
7:30 pm Judging and Awards

7:45 pm AFTER – PARTY w/ DJ Photek

Judging Panel 

We’re excited to annouce part of our judging panel with some great influencers – Chris DeWolfe of SGN, Ted Cohen of TAG Strategic, Roman Scharf of Talenthouse, Ann Greenberg of Sceneplay, and Rynda Laurel of 1968Media.



About Talenthouse:

Talenthouse is the world’s platform for creative collaboration, connecting aspiring talent, established artists and brand advertisers. Artists always retain ownership of their own work using Talenthouse as a platform to collaborate, grow their audience and monetize their work. Brands choose Talenthouse to engage in a dialogue with consumers in an entertaining, relevant and credible context.

Talenthouse is where artists and brands engage to build an authentic community that rewards creativity and unlocks the value of collaboration.

Our mission is to liberate all artists.


Don’t Miss MusiCares MAPFund 2013: STP & Chester Bennington

map169701684May was a rough month for rock, having lost legendary musicians such as the Doors’Ray Manzarek and Slayer’s Jeff Hanneman. In the hours leading up to the ninth annual MusiCares MAP Fund benefit concert on May 30 at Club Nokia, I thought a lot about the cycle of influence — how one person inspires another, who then goes on to inspire someone else. After speaking with the evening’s performers and attendees, as well as previous and current MAP Fund honorees about the topic of inspiration, I found myself feeling inspired by these stories of courage and perseverance as I took my front-row seat.

With an opening DJ set by Mix Master Mike of the Beastie Boys, comedian Bobby Lee began his host duties for the evening by making everyone laugh. Early Morning Rebel rose to the occasion as the night’s musical openers, playing their song “Lifeboat.”

Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman and previous recipient of the Stevie Ray Vaughan Award Anthony Kiedis introduced the evening’s first honoree — legendary skateboarder Tony Alva, who was honored with the MusiCares From the Heart Award. Kiedis spoke about how Alva gave him a skateboard when he was 21, which he used for transportation, and how Alva took it back when he found out Kiedis was using drugs. Alva then delivered a heartfelt and spiritual speech about his sobriety. Earlier in the evening, Alva told me about a recent trip to Baja California that helped him mentally prepare for the night, and how surfing has helped him connect to the world. In his speech he thanked last year’s honoree, Kevin Lyman, and told a story of how he went from using mostly four-letter words to three-letter words, such as “fun.” Then came a performance from Alva’s Chicken Noodle Soup Project, a jam band with a fittingly distinct surf vibe.

Next up was Norwegian rock vocalist Ida Maria and her band. Performing a three-song set, including “I Like You So Much Better When You’re Naked,” her exuberant energy and shimmery silver-fringe dress uplifted the crowd.

Comedian Andy Dick delivered a series of jokes about sobriety and racism that had the crowd in stitches, leading into the second half of the evening. Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda introduced the second honoree of the night, his bandmate Chester Bennington, and presented him with the Stevie Ray Vaughan Award in recognition of his support of the MusiCares MAP Fund and his commitment to the addiction recovery process. Shinoda provided stories that illustrated Bennington’s character, including the time Bennington walked out on his own birthday party to record vocals for Linkin Park tracks when he first joined the band. Shinoda spoke of Bennington’s level of commitment to what he believes in, citing a time when the vocalist broke his arm at the beginning of a set in Australia and kept playing. He also touched on Linkin Park’s nonprofit organization Music for Relief, which has launched an effort to help tornado victims in Oklahoma.

“Getting sober is the biggest thing he’s done for the longevity of Linkin Park,” said Shinoda in closing, before Bennington delivered a humble acceptance speech.

“I’m happy to show up and play with my friends if it helps raise money to help people,” said Bennington. “The power of giving is contagious … you can give it away and not lose anything.”

It was an unexpectedly heavy moment for me as Bennington took the stage as the new frontman for Stone Temple Pilots with guitarist Dean DeLeo, bassist Robert DeLeo and drummer Eric Kretz and performed “Wicked Garden.” While it’s been interesting to see how the members of some bands have refigured and reimagined themselves over the years, the songs are the glue that keeps it all together. It may have been a different voice singing “Big Bang Baby,” “Vasoline” and “Trippin’ On A Hole In A Paper Heart,” but the music persevered.

In the finale, the Stone Temple Pilots were joined by Slash and Duff McKagan for a cover of Mott The Hoople’s “All The Young Dudes,” which was written by David Bowie. As I left the building, I remembered some of the various configurations in which I’ve seen these musicians perform. They are the rock icons of my generation, and on this night they joined their rebellious forces for a good cause.

If the GRAMMY Awards is Music’s Biggest Night, the MusiCares MAP Fund benefit concert is music’s most compassionate night.

Public Enemy Rock and Roll Hall of Fame week!

Public Enemy Rock Hall









For details go to the Public Enemy Newsletter or see below…

Rynda’s Panel at SXSW 2013: Herding Cats
















Panel: Herding Cats: New Digital Management for Artists
Day: Saturday, March 16
Room: Room 17B Austin Convention Center
Start Time: 12:30 PM End Time: 1:30 PM

In today’s music management and marketing environment every single aspect of a career must be incorporated into the digital space. Digital Managers integrate innovative online experiences, unique marketing campaigns, direct-to-fan management, platform integration, content creation, tour marketing and utilization of new technologies. The new digital manager moves far beyond social media management into a complete online presence strategy with a focus on social capital and new revenue streams.



MODERATOR Rynda Laurel CEO Digital Mgr 1968media
Rynda Laurel has an extensive background in the music business, stemming from her early days working in A&R, artist management and music supervision, followed by an evolutionary transition into digital – specifically in the areas of social media, digital marketing and brand development. Currently, she is focused on working with established artists like The Smashing Pumpkins, Chuck D/Public Enemy and Greg Dulli/The Afghan Whigs. She also consults for music-based startups, facilitates innovative and creative partnerships and sits on advisory boards for a number of non-profit organizations including Sweet Relief. Because of her expertise in these different areas, you will often find her speaking or presenting at international conferences on a variety of subjects. For more information go to


Jon Romero Dir of Digital Media Vector Management
Jon Romero has been pushing the envelope in the digital music space since 2007. His career started to flourish at Vector Management, a leading artist management company, as the digital space matured and the term “viral” was becoming a part of everyday conversations. The knowledge and experience that Romero has garnered through the years, has put him in the position to work closely with artists as they build strategies around the release of new material and vie to get the attention of their fan base in a cluttered market place. His work and influence with hit makers such as the Kings Of Leon and Ke$ha can be seen in their staggering social statistics, and every day communication with their audience. Romero has helped heritage acts like Peter Frampton grow his fan base from 10k fans to over a half million in 6 months time, while simultaneously driving increased ticket sales for his Frampton Comes Alive! 35 Anniversary Tour. Other artists Romero works with includes: Trace Adkins, Randy Travis, Steve Vie, Lyle Lovett, Patti Griffin, The Walflowers, Manchester Orchestra, Michael McDonald, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and many more.


Jessica Meehan Consultant
Jessica Meehan has worked in various industries in the digital space, including web start-ups and health care, the latter bringing her to her first SxSW three years ago. This cross-industry experience has given her the ability to convert successful business and marketing trends from across industries into those that work for musicians

Jessica has also worked in various capacities within music, managing digital endeavors and properties for artists as part of artist management, online event promotion for a family of venues, and developing digital marketing campaigns for new albums at a distribution company. She currently works in business development and community management for a major label division focused on ticketing and artist-to-fan experiences, while also working independently with established and up-and-coming artists to expand their online presence. She also consults on digital marketing for independent musicians, as well as for properties in film and television. Currently, she is the digital manager for five-time Grammy winner Victor Wooten (of Bela Fleck and the Flecktones), expanding his online reach while promoting tour dates, album and web-based merchandise sales.

Other artists with whom she’s worked include Martha Wainwright, John Mayer, Sarah McLachlan, Ray LaMontagne, the Walkmen, Walk the Moon and many more.

Follow her @jessica_meehan


Mike Rosenthal Label Mgr Paracadute
Mike Rosenthal has overseen strategy and digital execution for the band OK Go since 2009. In January of 2010 he helped the band transition away from their major label and set up their own independent record label and production company, Paracadute. Mike runs Paracadute, overseeing album releases for the small but growing roster and managing the execution of OK Go’s diverse creative endeavors. Mike is also the co-founder and organizer of the Blip Festival, an international electronic music festival celebrating 8-bit music and visuals.


Brian Wilkins Business Dev/Artist Rel Advisor PledgeMusic
Brian Wilkins is an entrepreneur and music industry executive who has built his career by utilizing his passion for music, technology, and artist relations to help clients grow their business. Brian has held executive positions at record labels, artist management and music/mobile tech companies. Brian’s resume includes stints at nTunes, one of the first ecommerce radio platforms, as well as major label partners including Sony/BMG Entertainment, RED Music and INgrooves. In 2008, Brian brought his experience within the digital music space to Rebel-One Management, establishing digital platforms, social graph engagement and new revenue/brand channels for top tier artists including Rihanna and K’Naan. Brian continues engaging his passion for music and technology as both an Artist Manager and Business Development/Artist Relations Advisor for music/mobile based start-ups. He has spoken and served on panels for thought leading music conferences including SXSW, CMJ and SF Music Tech. Brian is also an advisor for the music based charity Musicians On Call.



Public Enemy at SXSW -Doritos #BOLDSTAGE

Public Enemy along with LL Cool J, Ice Cube and Doug E Fresh play the Dorritos #boldstage on Thursday March 14th.  Adding to the fantastic line-up is an interactive element in a bold way.

How it works via MASHABLE:

“Mama said knock you out,” LL Cool J once quipped, and if you want him to rap those historic fighting words during South by Southwest in Austin, Texas, all you have to do is tweet.The rapper — along with Public Enemy, Ice Cube and Doug E. Fresh — are headlining Doritos‘ interactive concert on March 14. Twitter engagement from concertgoers and fans watching the live stream remotely will affect the outcome of the opening act, special effects, onscreen visuals and the encore song, Doritos exclusively told Mashable.

Hashtag #BoldStage will power the interactivity on Doritos’ concert stage, which is a 62-foot vending machine with a four-story LCD screen that will encourage people to tweet and showcase their photos. The infographic below explains exactly how to participate.

For example, three up-and-coming artists (Devin Miles, Seth Sentry and Snow Tha Product) will battle right before the main event to become the show’s opening act. To win, they have to attract the most #BoldStage tweets with the one song they get to perform.

The hashtag will influence LL Cool J’s encore number, what photos appear on the LCD screen and when smoke, lasers, pyro, balloons, confetti and beach balls will be used.

Doritos will stream the show on Facebook, while Mass Relevance will calculate tweets.

During the concert, Doritos will launch its first global marketing campaign — “For the Bold” — which will purportedly give the brand a new image. The rebranding includes redesigned packaging.

“We’ll be using the four-story screen to unveil the look and feel,” Ram Krishnan, vice president of marketing at Frito-Lay, told Mashable. “We’ll also launch new TV ads.”

How Mass Relevance Will Calculate Your Tweets

“The Mass Relevance platform has firehouse access to Twitter’s API, which means that all Twitter content that is sourced through the Mass Relevance is happening in real-time,” Mass Relevance CEO Sam Decker said. “Reporting built into the platform gives insight into how many tweets per minute are occurring based on the keywords, hashtags, users, et cetera, that the brand is using as criteria to filter and display content.”

Congrats to Soundrop, Public Enemy and Greg Dulli added to launch.

Greg Dulli Soundrop room








1968media clients Public Enemy and Greg Dulli are part of the newest feature for Soundrop. We created our own playlist at the same time! (why not?)

About Soundrop & 1968media: #LittleParties4Dulli: Last May we organized an online Birthday Party for Greg Dulli called #littleparties4Dulli on Soundrop so fans could listen to his music all day while chatting. The superfans did this every year in their private chat room so we decided to make it more social for all fans to participate.  We used multiple platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but the most fun was in Soundrop.  After the party, the fans asked if we could keep the room up so we did, it became the official Greg Dulli listening channel on Spotify and now… on Facebook.  Listen now!

Public Enemy:  Chuck D will be doing a chat in the Public Enemy room in the next few weeks. Listen to PE here.

We believe Soundrop (an artist’s listening room with chat) is the perfect place for fans to gather to get to know each other better and listen to music they love.  Eventually Brands and Celebs and Influencers will be curating their own rooms.

ALSO OF NOTE – if fans listen on Soundrop/Spotify instead of their own collection, the artist gets royalties & it helps spread the message. Win win for Fans and Artists.

-Rynda, 1968media


Soundrop brings real social listening and music discovery to Facebook

Iconic artists help their fans connect through music with Soundrop in Facebook

Cannes, France and Oslo, Norway – January 28, 2013 – Popular social listening service Soundrop today brought its listening rooms to the world’s most popular social network, Facebook. For the first time, everyone can listen to their favorite artists while chatting with their friends and other fans right on an artist’s Facebook page.

Many artists have already used Soundrop rooms to engage their fanbase while accelerating their Spotify traffic. Today, they can engage their fans with Soundrop in Facebook while at the same time accelerating their video traffic. You can see Soundrop on the Facebook pages of some of the world’s top artists and labels including:

A Soundrop room embedded on Facebook is the exact same room found in the popular Soundrop app on Spotify. Voting, chatting and playback is all synchronized in real-time. What one person writes in the Soundrop room on Facebook is what another person sees in the room on Spotify. When someone votes up a track, the playlist changes for everyone, no matter where they use Soundrop.

Playback in the Soundrop Facebook app is handled by VEVO and YouTube. Together, the Facebook app and Spotify app ensure that fans everywhere can enjoy an engaging social experience around their favorite artists and connect with fans from around the world.

“We’re excited to make Soundrop available in the main place where artists connect with their fans,” said Inge Andre Sandvik, CEO, Soundrop. “Whether you want to use VEVO and YouTube or Spotify as your music service, Soundrop has you covered. We streamed more than 500 million tracks last year in Spotify, and now we’re excited to help artists accelerate their video traffic by bringing our same addictive social music service to Facebook.”



Silicon Beach Fest Fall 2012: Music: Tech A&R panel

Music: Tech A&R
With so many music apps and streaming services available, what new opportunities can the startups of tomorrow present artists and fans while attracting listeners and consumers? Much like A&R reps look for talent, performance and the live experience for an artist, we look for a perfect combination of purpose, functionality and user experience for a music startup.

Rynda Laurel (moderator)1968media Founder/CEO@rynda

Scott PerrySperry Media Founder@scottperry

Deborah KleinHands On Management CEO@bellabina

Andy Sternberg

Adler Integrated, Chief Digital Strategist


Nick Lippman
Lippman Entertainment, Vice President

Silicon Beach Fest Showcases Southern California’s Digital Innovation

Silicon Beach Fest Showcases Southern California’s Digital Innovation 

To showcase the digital innovation happening all over Southern California, the first Silicon Beach Fest was held in Los Angeles last weekend. To bring you the inside scoop, we went to three panels at Hotel Erwin in Venice, CA, to hear digital media experts working onThe GrammysTeam Coco, Fox Broadcasting, the Smashing Pumpkins, Social TV plus a Social Enterprise Panel doing social good. While many view Silicon Valley as the start-up hub, Silicon Beach is on the rise.After organizing 7-8 panels/month, Digital LAcreated this conference that was presented by engage: BDR. The conference included keynotes (Eric Garcetti, LA City Council Member), a hackathon and themed venue hub events organized and / or hosted by companies (PromoJam, Google, TechZulu), accelerators (StartEngine, Amplify), as well as coworking spaces (Coloft, CoWorks, io/LA, Cross Campus, and Working Village.)

Rynda Laurel (1968 Media, Digital Manager, Smashing Pumpkins) moderates Music Panel at Silicon Beach Fest
Photo credit:
by Liz H Kelly

Some of the panel hubs featured were the Startup Hub, Leadership Hub, Hollywood Hub, Branding/Ad Hub and Hollywood Trek. Fest attendees and speakers included invited celebrities, start-ups, VCs, movie and music studio execs, agencies, fashion, content creators, artists, social media gurus, developers, and more that traveled from all over the country to Southern California.

The Music: Discovery and Social Media Panel included Rynda Laurel (1968 Media, Digital Manager, Smashing Pumpkins), Andrew Mains (Mobile Roadie COO), Lindsay Gabler (The Grammys, Social Media), Ricardo Diaz (TBWA/Chiat/Day, Director, Creative Technology) and Thomas Ford (Soundrop, US Ambassador.) The group debated the best ways to create a new experience for music fans through social media and live events. Another hot topic was whether artists should give music away for free to attract audiences to live events or protect their IP online.

This music panel was interactive, and took a poll about how people find music, and many raised hands for Spotify, Pandora, and Tumblr. Lindsay Gabler, The Grammys, spoke about their most recent awards show that was the biggest social media event ever, “This past campaign was huge in terms of our mobile strategy. Grammy Live is a 3-day live streaming of all Grammy coverage. We had our iPhone app, the iPad app, basically wherever you want to experience the Grammys or music, we’re there. And that’s how we look at everything.”

Read rest of article here: Silicon Beach Fest Showcases Southern California’s Digital Innovation 

Congrats to everyone who participated in this first Silicon Beach Fest. And big shout out to Kevin Winston (Digital LA Founder and former Fox Interactive Media/MySpace co-worker) and the 150 volunteers on your huge success. For more digital entertainment panels and events in Southern California, visit

© Liz H Kelly @LizHKelly, National Digital Entertainment Columnist, Goody Awards,

Don’t Miss: MusiCares MAP Fund 2012: Jerry Cantrell

Road Recovery Benefit Concert 2009


SANTA MONICA, Calif. (March 22, 2012) — The eighth annual MusiCares MAP Fund® benefit concert will honor Alice In Chains co-founder Jerry Cantrell andcertified interventionist and Sony/ATV Music Publishing Senior Consultant Neil Lasher at Club Nokia in Los Angeles on ThursdayMay 312012Cantrell will be honored with the Stevie Ray Vaughan Award for his dedication and support of the MusiCares MAP Fund, and for his commitment to helping other addicts with the addiction and recovery process. Lasher will be the recipient of MusiCares’ From the Heart Award for his unconditional friendship and dedication to the mission and goals of the organization. All proceeds will benefit the MusiCares MAP Fund, which provides members of the music community access to addiction recovery treatment regardless of their financial situation.

Hosted by television personality Steve-O, the evening will feature a special performance by eight-time GRAMMY®  nominees Alice In Chains featuring guitarist/vocalist Cantrell, guitarist/vocalist William DuVall, bassist Mike Inez, and drummer Sean Kinney. GRAMMY-nominated musician Moby will DJ live during dinner. Additional artists will be announced shortly.

“Jerry’s role in shaping the world of rock music is profound and ongoing,” said Neil Portnow, President/CEO of The Recording Academy® and MusiCares®. “His artistry as a guitarist is inspiring, and his contributions as a songwriter have earned Alice In Chains millions of fans around the world. And Neil has built an extraordinary career spanning more than 30 years in the music industry, and a parallel career in the field of substance abuse where his name has become synonymous with recovery and survival. But what unites Jerry and Neil are their unwavering support of MusiCares and our recovery programs, and their unselfish capacity to be of service to music people struggling with addiction.”

“From what I’ve seen, addiction can be an occupational hazard in the music business and I know firsthand how the MusiCares MAP Fund helps artists and members of the music community find the resources for recovery,” said Cantrell. “I’ve been a supporter for a long time, and I’m proud to help raise awareness and funds so this organization can continue to save lives.”

“I’ve been very fortunate to have two rewarding careers — one in the music industry and one in the field of addiction recovery,” said Lasher. “I’ve made countless friends in both, and have wonderful memories spanning many years. And because I’ve seen the ravages of addiction take their toll on artists, crew members, myself, and others who work in the music business, I’ve been a supporter of the MusiCares MAP Fund from the very beginning. Their programs give people their dignity and their lives back.”

This special dinner and concert offers Living Room Sets that seat 10 for $12,500,Individual Floor Seats for $1,250 per person, and VIP Balcony Seats for $100 per person; contact Wynnie Wynn for ticket information at 310.392.3777 orwynniew@grammy.comGeneral Admission Balcony Seats for $55 per person areavailable only through Ticketmaster beginning at 10 a.m. PT on March 23 atwww.ticketmaster.comOut of respect for the clients the MusiCares MAP Fund serves, the event will be alcohol-free.


Cantrell’s contributions to the landscape of modern rock music are undeniable, and the music he has written has not only moved millions of people, but has stood the test of time. Raised in a military family that moved frequently when he was a child, it’s fitting that Cantrell would follow a career path that’s led him around the world. After several years honing his skills with local bands in the Seattle area, Cantrell formed Alice In Chains in 1987, alongside bandmates Kinney, Layne Staley, and Mike Starr. The band quickly developed a devout following, and by 1989 signed with Columbia Records. Over the course of their career Alice In Chains have achieved international acclaim, releasing albums and EPs that have sold more than 20 million copies worldwide and charted 13 top 10 rock singles. The band also had two consecutive albums debut at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart, including 1994’s Jar Of Flies, which became the first EP in history to achieve the feat.

Alice In Chains have played to packed-house audiences around the world, received multiple GRAMMY nominations and other accolades and — alongside fellow Seattle bands Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Soundgarden — changed the face of popular music. Upon Alice In Chains’ hiatus from touring in 1996, Cantrell continued to write prolifically, releasing two successful solo albums. Four years after the passing of Staley in 2002, Alice In Chains reformed and subsequently released Black Gives Way To Blue in 2009. The critically lauded album debuted at No. 5 on the Billboard 200 chart, landed two No. 1 songs on Billboard‘s Rock Songs chart, and was certified gold. Cantrell was also voted Best Guitarist of the Year by the readers of Guitar World magazine. Firmly re-established as one of the world’s preeminent rock bands, Alice In Chains capped 14 months of touring in support of the album with a sold-out arena run, and are currently working on their next album.

Lasher is a certified alcoholism and substance abuse counselor, and a certified ARISE Interventionist. Sober for approximately 25 years, Lasher has emerged as an active leader in creating alcohol and substance abuse recovery opportunities for individuals in the music industry. He has been a consultant for MusiCares and its Safe Harbor Room®program, which was first established backstage at the 39th Annual GRAMMY Awards®telecast to provide a support system to artists and crew members struggling with addiction issues. Lasher is also a consultant to Caron Treatment Centers and a member of Caron’s New York advisory board.

In addition to his accomplishments in the field of alcoholism and substance abuse, Lasher is a music industry veteran who has worked with Pat Benatar, James Blunt, Billy Idol, Huey Lewis, Rob Thomas, and many more top artists. He has more than 30 years of experience, including work at radio and major record labels and his past 20 years in the music publishing industry. He currently serves as a senior consultant for Sony/ATV Music Publishing in New York, where he works closely with creative and licensing executives on priority artists and projects. Sony/ATV Music Publishing owns or administers more than 750,000 copyrights by such legendary artists as the Beatles, Leonard Cohen, Neil Diamond, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Graham Nash, Willie Nelson, Stevie Nicks, Little Richard, Diane Warren, and Hank Williams, among others. Its growing current roster of chart-topping artists includes Akon, Colbie Caillat, Lady Gaga, John Mayer, Shakira, Taylor Swift, and KT Tunstall.

The MusiCares Foundation®offers programs and services to members of the music community including emergency financial assistance for basic living expenses including rent, utilities and car payments; medical expenses including doctor, dentist and hospital bills; psychotherapy; and treatment for HIV/AIDS, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, hepatitis C, and other critical illnesses. MusiCares offers nationwide educational workshops covering a variety of subjects, including financial, legal, medical, and substance abuse issues, and programs in collaboration with healthcare professionals that provide services such as flu shots, hearing tests, and medical/dental screenings.

The MusiCares MAP Fund allows access to addiction recovery treatment and sober living resources for members of the music community. Staffed by qualified chemical dependency and intervention specialists, MusiCares Safe Harbor Rooms, supported by the Bohemian Foundation, offer a support network to those in recovery while they are participating in the production of televised music shows and other major music events. MusiCares holds weekly addiction support groups for people to discuss how to best cope with the issues surrounding the recovery process. The MusiCares Sober Touring Network is a database of individuals across the United States who can take music people to recovery support meetings while on the road.

Established in 1989 by The Recording Academy, MusiCares provides a safety net of critical assistance for music people in times of need. MusiCares’ services and resources cover a wide range of financial, medical and personal emergencies, and each case is treated with integrity and confidentiality. MusiCares also focuses the resources and attention of the music industry on human service issues that directly impact the health and welfare of the music community. For more information, please For breaking news and exclusive content, please like “MusiCares” on Facebook at and follow @MusiCares on Twitter


Bandzoogle Blog: Marketing Your Music: Rynda Laurel on Social Media, Visual Marketing & Philanthropy

Marketing Your Music: Rynda Laurel on Social Media, Visual Marketing & Philanthropy

Hello Zooglers! Welcome to a new series of blog posts where we will interview experts in music marketing to offer tangible advice for artists and bands. We’re kicking things off with an interview with Rynda Laurel:


Rynda is a partner at DigiStar which is focused on working with established music artists and iconic entertainers on a variety of content and marketing initiatives. She also consults for various startup and technology companies. You will often find her speaking at international conferences including Social Media Week, DigitalLA, Girls in Tech, Canadian Music Week, MaMA Music, East Coast Music, MIDEM and SXSW.

As part of her belief and passion for giving back, she founded CauseWeRock, is on the advisory board of Sweet Relief and has participated in philanthropic events such as DigitalLA Green, Fair Fund, Twestival, Live Earth and MusiCares MAPFund.

Q: With all of the free social media networks out there, is having your own website still important for artists today?

Yes without a doubt. That’s like asking if we need the sun to survive. A dedicated website with your name as the url is crucial. It is the life force of your social media and digital universe. Let the platform of planets revolve around you not you around them. We once thought the earth was the center of the universe like Facebook does now – then we discovered that we revolved around the sun. Same thing. Really all planets (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+, MySpace, etc..) should revolve around the sun. Wow did I just go there? I wonder what @astroengine would say about that!

Q: Once an artist is using social media, what should they be talking about?

If artists start thinking of using these tools as another creative outlet as opposed to a chore their parents (aka mangers) asked them to do then it should come naturally.

That said- there are many ways to express who they are as a person and as an artist. Although some fans want to know the intimate details of their morning shower, what they really want to know is what makes an artist tick. Is it other artists? pop culture? world news? movies? sports? nature? food? photography? science? clowns? Talk about it.

I’d also say that expression and connection can be made without words. The Twilight Singers, for example, post beautiful photographs, art and random music videos of artists of all genres intertwined with fan photos, personal photos, interviews, show dates and live videos. It is perfect for them – it expresses their artistic and musical tastes without saying a word literally -it is authentic to who they are.

I can guarantee every artist is a fan of another artist. Someone inspired them to play music – hopefully it was Led Zeppelin. If they asked themselves what they, as fans would want to know about their favorite artist through these tools and do that – then they are on the right track.

Q: “Direct-to-fan” is a big buzz phrase these days, is it a passing fad or here to stay?

A passing fad? If you mean like the 60’s-gone but influencing every generation after? Then it’s still no. Direct-to-fan is really nothing new there are just no middle-multi-million dollar salaried-men in between the artist and the fan anymore. The fans won’t have it. The system has broken down. It’s the “Summer of Love” for artists and fans.

Q: How focused should artists be today on interacting with their fans?

Here again if the artist starts thinking of these fans as part of their family and artistic community they will want to interact with them. Fans are the artists extended family-not always chosen but loved none the less. How could they not interact with them?

Q: What is branding and should artists pay attention to it?

They shouldn’t. They should just make sure everything has the same “look and feel” across all of their “creative spaces” which includes their “album” art, website, social media platforms, press materials and merch. A good logo never hurt anyone either. Think about Foo Fighters – see the double F’s? The Doors in block font? Basically an artist wants to be VISUALLY MEMORABLE – that is all branding is to me.

Some technical advice: Hexadecimal (Hex) codes- figure out what they are. Pick three and use them everywhere. Use the same font everywhere. Have a square logo and photo – all social media avatars are square.

Q: You’re quite the avid photographer, what advice would you give to artists about photos? Is a good band photo important for their promotion/marketing efforts?

Yes, I started taking live photos of bands many many years ago and realized I could make time stand still for just a fraction of a second. It is magic. I’ve shot band press shots before too – it is about using the tools (lighting, framing, processing/filters) to bring out the “essence” of who they are as artists.

Advice for artists? It is about expressing yourself in an artistic manner that shows in one shot who you are as an artist at that point in time. Be authentic and don’t let a stylist tell you how to dress.

An Artist “press” photo is important in the over all “look and feel” so it should match your “visually memorable” goal.

Q: How much time initially do you think artists should be spending on marketing/promotion vs. rehearsals/creation, etc.?

Initially: As in an artist just starting out? First, practice, practice, practice. Write good songs with melodies and lyrics that will resonate with people. Practice some more. Write more songs. Practice. LOVE what you do. Write another song. Come up with a great band name if you need one. Practice. Record a few and see how everyone works under pressure, write more songs, practice, record some demos, practice, book some gigs, play around town, (maybe start an e-mail newsletter list around this time) make sure you like your bandmates – you will have to live with them in a dark smelly van – practice – write more songs – and by then if you still want to do it, practice some more, write another song, and if you still want to do it then… take a handful of those songs and put them in a format that people can hear while you are not there (like a CD or digital download) and then……

…Tackle “the look and feel” “visually memorable” non marketing marketing by getting your “press materials” together and building your website and THEN start sharing on social media. If the drummer hasn’t quit by then he/she will probably do it.

Q: Most marketing & promotional talk these days is about online strategies and social media, but what offline strategies should artists also be focusing some attention on?

All strategy should probably focus on the live performances. PERIOD.(see why I suggested they practice?) That is essentially one of the main ways artists make money. It will be slow at first but I will tell you that I’ve seen plenty of multi-platinum artists who now sell out stadiums play their ass off for 10 people on a Tuesday night. All strategies should be about getting people to your shows – which goes back to online strategies and platforms that help you book gigs and sleep on people’s couches. (see: @betterthanthevan)

Q: Philanthropy is very important in your career, do you think it’s important for artists to give back through work with charitable organizations?

Philanthropy is important to me personally. I have been lucky enough to be in a career where I can use my relationships to facilitate opportunities and I am proud to be on the advisory board for @SweetRelief. It is important for an artist to be authentic- so if giving back is part of who they are as people then of course they should. There are many ways to give back and of course different levels. (FYI Artists – check out @downtime)

Q: When an artist supports a cause, is there a danger of being pigeon-holed? Can you possibly support a cause too much?

If an artist is passionate about a cause then they can do as much as they want for a cause – the only “pigeon-hole” danger is when it comes to politics and/or issues that are considered “moral” issues. Again, if an artist feels strongly about it then more power to them – for example artists like Steve Earle & Tom Morello are known for their activism and it suites them.

Q: Bonus question: I read somewhere that you’ve met Elmo?! Please explain the context of that, and also, please tell us if he’s as tempting to tickle as he appears to be.

HA! Yes, I spent 8 years at Sony Wonder, the children’s division of Sony. There I worked on multiple Sesame Street projects including they 35th anniversary box set. He is quite ticklish. An even better story is when I told David Bowie – jokingly of course- that we wanted him to dress up as Big Bird and go on tour with Elmo. Luckily he got my humor and laughed along. True story.

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1990-2010 #Gratitude Stone Temple Pilots, Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam and Them Crooked Vultures nominated for Grammys.

I never write personal blogs. Well, actually I rarely write blogs at all – but I feel compelled to do so tonight.  Tonight something inspired me.

Stone Temple Pilots, Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam and Them Crooked Vultures (DaveGrohl/Nirvana) all got nominated for Grammys.

It’s 2010.

While reading the @TheGrammys Twitter feed, I had flashbacks to 1990-1992.  During that time I was a young woman in the thick of the music business. Rock A&R no less. So I got to see some pretty great bands before they were popular. This isn’t name-dropping – this is my life. I saw Pearl Jam at CBGBs, Soundgarden open for GnR, Stone Temple Pilots as Mighty Joe Young, Nirvana and Alice in Chains – well – Hell I have no idea where I was – but I saw them too. I loved this music. It was powerful, deep, dirty, beautiful and real. It wasn’t all glitz and glamour that’s for sure, frankly we were a fucking mess. Let’s just say at that time my best friends were Jack & Ginger(ale) and a few other harmful acquaintances…

It’s not a secret; we’ve all watched some of these artists publicly struggle with  their own demons, drug addictions and sobriety. Some have great success stories. Unfortunately, many great artists from that time period were lost – Kurt Cobain, Layne Staley, Andrew Wood, Shannon Hoon to name only a few. I am lucky. I got sober in July of 1992 and haven’t had a drop of anything since. I’ve lived this with them – it’s somehow personal. I’m not breaking anyone’s anonymity but mine, many are now openly sober and support great organizations like MusiCares, MusiCares Map Fund and Road Recovery.

So what has struck me as amazing tonight is that these artists are bound together not only by a time period, but also by their perseverance and tenacity to overcome such difficult obstacles and still make great music 20 years later. I know Grammy nominations are nothing compared to the amazing life we all have, but it is still pretty damn cool that all of these particular artists are nominated for new material.

They are truly an inspiration to me and to any artist, fan or friend who may be struggling with their own creativity, self-destructive behaviors and/or addiction.

Congrats on all accounts.


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*if you need help please reach out – you are NOT alone.




Digital Music Forum West: Rynda’s Twitter Notes

Due to a few requests here are some of my notes and comments via Twitter during DIGITAL MUSIC FORUM WEST.  (for info on all the great speakers etc check out the DMFW website.)

Also here are the rest of the #dmfw tweets:

Digital Music News (@digitalmusicnws) also posted some great info.

I have highlighted some important MUSIC RESOURCE and ARTIST TOOLS. Follow these services for more information on them – tell them @rynda sent ya!


day 1

#DMFW where is @spinaltap (@ Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel w/ 2 others)

#dmfwest @spinaltap @nedsherman @mobileroadie in the house…

RT @TAGStrategic: Ted’s opening remarks @ DMFW: we need better licensing, sustainable margins, acceptable price points, and dialogue. #dmfw

Ya’ll know that Ted Cohen is @spinaltap right? Follow him! #DMFW

Hoping some of these presentations will be available online to review later (hint). #DMFW

WOW Ted Mico just pulled out a Captain Beefheart reference. He is my new favorite. #dmfw

Music in the Cloud panel w/ Aydin Caginalp, Albhy Galuten (Sony), @mp3tunes @mog @thumbplay @BridgeCo ps>Where’s @soundcloud? #dmfw

Jeff Price (@tunecore) and Ted Cohen (@spinaltap) kiss and make up. #DMFW photo to prove it>

#dmfw @GetGlue might be a good music discovery/word of mouth marketing tool – esp for catalog artists (i ♥ jellyfish)

Good Question – what about #GeoLocation #LBS and #music? #DMFW Good answers from @moblieroadie@brocksteady & Mitch Rotter (uni)

yes – Artist to Fan engagement is the key

PS> check @eventful for touring requests… #dmfw

Discussion about ticket sales with @stubhub – dunno what I think about it yet… does the artist get a cut? #dmfw

?Is it wrong to resell a concert ticket? Why? Not sure f I agree but @stubhub has a point-is it different frm re-selling a Hockey tic? #dmfw

Paperless concert tickets suck without any transferability. if I can’t go to a show-I want to give the tickets to my sister! thoughts? #dmfw

#dmfw RT @SuCrew @rynda @stubhub tricky issue-1 thing to buy tix & have plans change-another to buy tix with intent to make profit reselling

#dmfw RT @a2d2: @rynda transferable online tickets. Cede ownership via email, online confirm. VidGame channel resellers like Steam do it now

Thanks #DMFW for an informative and excitement filled day! #coctailtime


day 2
(@ Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel w/ 3 others)

Check out The Highway Girl @SamanthaMurphy a traveling music TV show &… community for artists… #music #dmfw

Digital Copyright is important but it gives me a headache. Plus much like government what say do the little people have? #music #dmfw

(re Digital Copyright) @SamanthaMusphy: @rynda that’s why we have to change things. It gives me a headache too, but if not us then who? #dmfw

to @SamanthaMurphy yes I totally agree

check out @skullcandy -“killer headphones” Who owns a pair? . #dmfw

.@skullcandy sends their finance guys out on tour. Love it. #dmfw

RIck Alden (@skullcandy) have you met Tony Heisch from @Zappos you guys both promote culture environments in the workplace. #awesome #dmfw

yea! @DigitalLA in the house… #dmfw

I’m a fan of both @bandcamp and @topspinmedia who are on the #DMFW #diy panel today- Check them out if you don’t already know about them. #music

DIY tools for artists in addition to @topspinmedia @bandcamp = @reverbnation @eventful @nextbigsound @artistdata +use @hootsuite #dmfw

oooh forgot @rootmusic for Facebook! #DIY Artist tools. #dmfw

Music Artists > for #DIY – go get @cyberpr Ariel Hyatt’s book @musicsuccessin9 #dmfw

Music Artists: If Social Media overwhelms you-get someone who loves to do it & get them to help you-but make sure u r still connecting #dmfw

#DIY YES! John Boyle brings up the topic of Team Building for DIY- which makes it Do It With a Team. DIWT (or do it with twitter? smile #dmfw

really good question! RT @betsykcrw: Do you think Kurt Cobain would’ve been tweeting? (DIY Music in the Digital Age at #DMFW)

Brands & Music panelwith> @guvera @pigFACTORYmusic @Yahoo @brandracket @7digital @LinchpinDigital #dmfw

Great Brands and Music resource out of the UK: and #dmfw

RT @digitalla: Some useful tips here… #DMFW RT @mashable Top 10 Twitter Tips for Bands, By Bands

Some people to follow from the #touring panel @nicadler @theRoxy @jordanglazier @eventful @KelliRichards @controlroom #dmfw

@RootMusic sure thing! you want to see my favorite @RootMusic FB page? see @RyanBingham btw>i think u should b able to xport gigs 2 calendar

Don’t wanna miss local concerts? In addition to @eventful check out the @ilikelocal concerts app and/or @bandsintown and @gigzee #dmfw

oops forgot @songkick #music #concerts #DontMissThem! #dmfw

Nothing is going to replace a being in a venue sweaty and loud… with your friends... @nicadler #music #touring #dmfw (totallyagree)

ditto! RT @TAGStrategic: Excellent second day at #dmfw. Congrats to Ned, Tinzar, Jay and team!

you’re welcome- great event! RT @TinzarT: @rynda @TAGStrategic Thank you so much! We appreciate your support. Have a great night!

Till next time…



Them Crooked Vultures in Paris!

Them Crooked Vultures
The Zenith, Pairs
June 8, 2010

See my photos here.

Watched from the side of the stage and it was an AMAZING show. Met the Legendary John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin. I have now met a Rolling Stone, a Zeppelin and Bowie – #rocknroll life is almost complete!