CauseWeRock is focused on showcasing musicians who are involved in philanthropic activities. Our mission is awareness and support for the musician, the cause and the fan.

In the summer of 2010 I decided to submit a panel to SXSWmusic for the 2011  about “Musicians and Causes”. The idea was warmly received by SXSW as well as numerous artists and charitable organizations. Sweet Relief, Causecast, Music Gives to St Jude Kids, Reverb, Road Recovery and Air Traffic Control were early supporters of the concept, as well as artists such as Tom Morello and Billy Corgan and technology platforms such as Topspin and Mobile Roadie. The pubic support for the “panel picker” process was overwhelming and it ended up in the top 60 voted in. Once SXSW confirmed that the panel had been accepted I received numerous e-mails from a multitude of cause related organizations thanking us for showcasing musicians and to see how they could help. My friends and family were the most supportive (as usual!) and one of my dearest friends Claudia Rossi (drummer extraordinaire) came up with the name CauseWeRock in a late night brainstorming session.

We have had many visions and dreams of what CauseWeRock can offer – however we are not here to re-invent the wheel- just to help drive. It is the best time for artists and causes to connect directly with their fans and supporters. For this, social media has become a powerful gift. Many times a fan not only loves the art the musician creates but their ideals as well. With each direct to fan connection from the artist – comes a direct to fan connection with their concerns and causes. By creating awareness and connections, we want to help bring together numerous organizations, artists and technology platforms to build a better future.

Thank you!

Rynda Laurel

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